My wife is a music teacher... and she was asked to create and give a presentation on teaching techniques - in not a lot of time. She's a naturally gifted teacher, but 'upped' her level of preparation considerably to meet the challenge. 

As I reflected on all the work she was doing, it crossed my mind... that she really deserved a trophy. Something special to acknowledge her effort.

So, I made one...

 * some slow or fast fade RGB LEDs from Adafrut 
* super glue
* electrical tape
* CR1220 coin-cell batteries
* snips or needle-nose pliers (to help bend the legs of the LED)
* some 3D printed parts - available from TinkerCAD below

I used Gold 1.75mm PLA and Natural 1.75mm PLA from matterhackers.com; the prints turned out quite nice.

Ready? The steps should all be pretty easy to follow...
Far most the cleanest DIY. <br>The way you have designed and thought of fixing the button cell is just too perfect. <br>Just.....Puuurrrrrffffeeeeccctttt. <br><br>We need more quality tutorials like this.

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