This is the RBKBV1, (Really Big Knex Bazooka Version One) long name. It is one of the biggest knex guns that I know of on this site and I think it is also one of the best. The frame is extremely strong and so far I haven't had it shatter once. So some of the stats:

Range: 35-60 Ft, using long range bullet.
Trigger: True
Comfort: High
Accuracy: Great over shorter distances.
Power: Well I wouldn't want to be hit with it! I shot a round with a sharpened end through2 sheets of paper. That was from 3 meters away.
Reload time: 20 secs.

The gun is nice to hold and the trigger very sensitive. I think it has equivalent power to The Knex cannon by Oodalumps https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Cannon/

Feel free to mod the length of the barrel and any other attributes that you may want to change.
If you find any grammatic errors or spelling errors please tell me and i will change them.

Please do NOT aim this gun at anything that has feelings.

I am not responsible for what you do with this very powerful gun.

Step 1: Beggining the Barrel.

So this is the working part of the gun. It uses the conventional Faust assault rifle barrel type. However rather than one slide, or two like oodulumps cannon, my Bazooka uses 4. This has for me significantly increased the close range accuracy, on the other hand it does have more friction and therefore slightly lesser power than some other guns.

The barrel continues in the same manor for most of the gun but on the second from last part of the slide use a red rod not a white rod to connect on to. This is part of the trigger. If you want you can make the barrel as long as you want, from my point of view this would increase the range of the gun. Unfortunately most of my pieces are in other guns so i can't try this mod, but if you want to you can. Please post pictures on the Instructable.

The tag notes aren't working for me so i will talk you through the pictures here.

Pictures 1 and 2: The fore handle, a simple part, very simple to make, no notes needed.

Picture 3and 4: I suggest starting at the front of the barrel so start by making this part. The style of the barrel is the same all the way around so the other half is like the half you can see. You may need to force a few connectors in to the right position at times.

Picture 5: A picture of the back of the barrel, note on top and bottom second from last connector a red rod is used.

Picture 6: Attaching the fore handle to the main part of the barrel. Make sure that it is attached so that the red connector with parts on either side is at the bottom.

Picture 7: An image of the bottom red connector. You may want to add the firing pin, a red rod and yellow with 2 white rods attached to the gun.

Picture 8: Make this part.

Picture 9: Where to attach the part you made in picture 8. This is part of the eventual trigger.

Picture 10: The finished barrel.

Step 2: Making the Handle and Shoulder Rest.

The handle on the bazooka is very strong, I am happy to pick the gun up solely by the end of the handle.
The trigger design however is like oodulumps cannon, the bullet is held back until it is knocked out, I have lengthened the trigger and it is reliable, on the other hand anyone standing next to you will get the release pin in their eye. Unfortunately the trigger uses two sharpened yellow rods as it minimizes the friction between the release pin and bullet. Included in this step is the shoulder rest as well. I find it comfy. So....

Begin by making the part in picture 1, it has 4 layers and is the main part of the handle. Picture 2 is a view of the same part from above, hopefully it will help make it clearer. The next picture is another of the handle. In the next picture there is the shoulder rest essentially fairly simple to make. The last picture shows where to attach the shoulder rest on to the handle.

Step 3: Making the Main Body of the Bazooka.

Tis part is quite strong and versatile, if you wanted you could change the length of it or the handle and butt of this part. In some areas I haven't added extra rods for extra strength, however if you want to it is easy to do so. The body is similar all the way through the gun. On to this attach the barrel and the handle and trigger.

Step 4: Mking Additional Needed Parts.

You will need to make the part shown below as it is the release pin, as you can see it does however use 2 sharpened rods.

Step 5: Putting the Gun Together.

The gun is all attached to the main body so start by taking the main body as well as the handle that you have made. Put the handle with the trigger at the front over the set of 4 connectors coming down from the gun. Now attach these parts. Once you have done this you should find the back of the shoulder rests pieces snugly fit into some of the connectors on the main barrel. You will also have to link the top of your trigger to the grey rod. (A grey rod is better than a black as it bends slightly more.) Now you should find yourself with a gun like that in picture 4.

To attach the barrel at the front take the main barrel and have 4 green rods on the 4 back parts of the slide of the barrel, take the main body and the front connectors should fall on to the barrel nicely. There are still a few attachments to do. Now clip the part coming from the orange connector on to the grey rod with a ladder connector coming from it.

Step 6: Bullet Designs.

I currently only have a few bullet designs, but you can come up with your own if you want. The bullet designs i have so far are a blunt but hard hitting bullet, a sharpened and along range range round. The blunt ended one is heavy and has less range but is easier to load and safer, the sharpened rod is hard to load, dangerous and longer ranged. It is my personal favorite.

Step 7: Loading and Firing.

Well the firing is pretty simple, pull the trigger, but to load you must first add elastic bands which strech across the barrel, now take the red rod and attack elastic to it to, pull it back and put the orange connector in its way. The part from step 4 should slide in to the barrel area. Push back the bullet, making sure it is facing no-one, DO NOT PUT YOU FACE OVER THE BARREL! Once the bullet is push back so the holes in the bullet line up with the part from step 4, push this part in though the hole in the bullet. This should stop the bullet, now face what you want to fire and pull the trigger. Do not aim this at anyone and i am not responsible for anything you do with this.
<p>I plan on making something similar to this, different though. I also plan on making an instructable on it. Il give credit to you though</p>
almost there lol
you should add pics for this step
or a video
Iac's heavy cannon is bigger
i just started work on this same concept a few weeks before seeing this
it falls apard <br>
pretty good, i made actual grenades, ones that explade on contact, very good gun
were did you put the step 4 thing?
this gun has terrible instructions, im lookin 4 another
were does it go! Plz reply asap!
can you substitute the green &amp; yellow connectors on the trigger?
nev mind
how do the side things on top go on? Plz reply ASAP!
does it <em><strong>really</strong></em> need the sharpened rods?
yes. do step by step instructions <br>
dude the grey connectors are confusing
This has to be the stupidest thing I have ever seen IN MY LIFE.
sucks <br>
nvm id didnt work
im gona trh something<br><br>
5* absolutley awesome
how do you build the barrel
I hate when people say there gun can go threw paper paper is thin and easy to go threw stop saying it paper is weak so say your gun goes threw paper means its weak
Ok. Thanks for the comment, i have a already answered this comment further down on the page, so here it is again. I haven't shot just paper, since then i have tried card, which it pierced but the main body couldn't get throug and also a can, which had similar results.
&nbsp;you should add a parts list i dont know if i have enough yellow connectors or white rods
And i hate people when they say they are running competitions and extend them by over 2 months.
And as well, if you think this gun is weak then try shooting yourself with it, and then post here again, if you can, meaning you may be in too much pain.
shoot yourself? noooo... get a guinea pig (test person) blindfold them, and tell them to hold still. then shoot them in like the leg or something.
&nbsp;Is the handle one bit comfortable?
<p>what is this for and were does it go<br /> <br /> <br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
how do you load it and what do you use step 4 for.
forget it i already took the gun apart
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Mega-Knex-Frag-Grenade/.Can">https://www.instructables.com/id/Mega-Knex-Frag-Grenade/.Can</a> someone plz try my grenade in it? I think it will fit pretty well, but i don't have enough pieces to build this. Heres the link<br/>
hey ive tried ur frag in the bazooka and sometimes it will get suck but it is great and ur frag is good without anything in it
on step 7 can u post picture for it please
can you make a parts list please
can u fire snowballs with it??
make a video of you firing it!!!! make a video of you firing it!!!! make a video of you firing it!!!!
make a video!!!!! make a video!!!!! make a video!!!!!
better pics or step by step instructions......
can i add a scope or whatever the thing is called
you calk the pin on the front back, and then put the safety pen in part way, then push the grenade back,push the safety pin the rest of the way, the aim and shoot, that is how you load and shoot
any one wana talk????
i luv this thing!!!! i shot my sis wit it and she got mad, this thing is ausom,the gun is very sweet,r bazooka wut eva it frekin ausom, u a genious
Congratulations Mr. Tenacious. You have proven yourself worthy to join the Really big knex gun group with your really big knex gun.
i made this gun but 1 problem... How do i load this gun instead of words can u post pictures or video! like seriously this is HARD!

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