Step 2: Making the Handle and shoulder rest.

Picture of Making the Handle and shoulder rest.
knex bazooka 020.jpg
knex bazooka 021.jpg
knex bazooka 023.jpg
knex bazooka 018.jpg
knex bazooka 022.jpg
The handle on the bazooka is very strong, I am happy to pick the gun up solely by the end of the handle.
The trigger design however is like oodulumps cannon, the bullet is held back until it is knocked out, I have lengthened the trigger and it is reliable, on the other hand anyone standing next to you will get the release pin in their eye. Unfortunately the trigger uses two sharpened yellow rods as it minimizes the friction between the release pin and bullet. Included in this step is the shoulder rest as well. I find it comfy. So....

Begin by making the part in picture 1, it has 4 layers and is the main part of the handle. Picture 2 is a view of the same part from above, hopefully it will help make it clearer. The next picture is another of the handle. In the next picture there is the shoulder rest essentially fairly simple to make. The last picture shows where to attach the shoulder rest on to the handle.
gassybeans4 years ago
yes. do step by step instructions
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better pics or step by step instructions......