Awsome lego gun with true slide-action trigger system!
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Step 1: The Slide

Picture of The Slide
Assemble the pieces in the photo as shown

Step 2: The base

The base is the foundation for the barrel, and the foundation for the trigger/handle.
Assemble the pieces as shown

Step 3: Connecting the slide and the gun

Picture of Connecting the slide and the gun
Follow the directions on the images
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shooby6 years ago
Aaah. LEGO. So much better than K'Nex. SOooo much better. Nice job, is this the first LEGO gun on instructables?
When the gun is finished...It's a little harder to work with. I would be a lego gunner instead but overall knex is just easier and there is already a big community for it.
And there are only about 20 piece types, lego has like a million.
Exactly, LEGO reigns supreme for realistic replication.
Not neccisarily. You can make angles with knex unmakable with lego.
(removed by author or community request)
You can make more angles with knex. I remain sure!
can we just drop it and say that they both have their pros and cons and in the end it doesn't convert any of us?
uberstix beats all of them.
nope :P
All good reasons. A lot of K'nex 'gunners' attempt to recreate actual guns though. For this purpose, LEGO just seems better, for both color and form. The fact that's it's harder to work with as an operable 'gun' is legit, but lots of people make inoperable guns out of k'nex.
lego is better for models and looks. knex can easily give better performance. AND with a few types of pieces, you don't need to look everywhere for a certain piece for a lego gun you want. so look/better coloring is lego. knex is better at performance.
knex and lego guns dont have orange tips...
i agree
I got both lego and knex so it dosnt realy mater to me and lots of them
no its not.
yes it is
its not
(removed by author or community request)
yes, but some of us are atheist. i personally don't beleive in god. Evolution is extremely credible. Explain to me this: why are loads of animals really similar? Why would god let his own creations kill each other off, and why was god so active back 2000 years ago but we almost never hear about him now?
Because, haven't you heard???? The Lord works in mysteeeeerious ways!! It's the perfect excuse! Bottom line, there's no rational scientific explanation that a religious person will understand or admit to understanding, if belief in it will undermine the legitimacy of their religion. We live in the modern world, yet the faithful are caught up in a fairytale of wizards and magic and talking snakes...sort of like Harry Potter. No matter how much truth you give them, the fact remains that the earth is full of people that believe things just because their parents told them it was true. Brainwashed fools, with generations of backing. It's impossible to get through to these people.
(removed by author or community request)
i thought we were talking about the benefits of knex versus legos...
Seriously, how does everything end up talking about religion? I've seen it happen at the most random times! It's pretty funny though... :P
LOL yeah thats how it started.......
I guess LEGO and K'nex are such successful toys that they polarize people in their beliefs. I wonder if there's a statistical correlation between k'nex/LEGO preference and religious views... "Look Dad, I made a K'nex crucifix!" "Great work son. Remember, M-Tron is the devil!!"
lol you posted the same thing twice XD
Owenmon shooby6 years ago
why don't you guys try reading the bible once and a while? it make PERFECT sence. unless you guys dont like to read =P
(removed by author or community request)
why don't you think it's legit? Beleive it or not, at school we have RS. Religious studies. I know a lot about the bible, and how can you expect to beleive a man walking on water, turning water into wine, coming back to life, etc? Evolution is perfectly plausable if you look at the facts. Evolution is unsurvival of the unfit. Ie, the "badly adapted" die out, leaving the better ones to survive and get even better. of course, life has been around for billions of years, and this isa very slow process. Take your giraffe: They looked somewhat like horses at one time. Perhaps they were horses that evolved from the trend depending on a change in environment, climate, food sources etc. These giraffes would feed on leavesfrom trees. As the trees grew higher, or the leaves died out lower down, those giraffes with longer necks could eat, while the shorter necked ones died out. As the longer necked giraffes breeded, the longer necks became more common. Again, the neck length varied. As the leaves died out on the next level, those with comparably shorter necks died out, leaving the longer necked ones to be able to eat. The process carried on,until we have what we do today.They still have the same amount of vertibrae in their necks as they probably did back then, but they have got longer. This is an example of evolution, along with billions of others. You say we don't try to understand the bible;you obviously haven't tried to understand evolution.
I have, and it's very confusing =P
hmmm well i don't really want to buy one if i won't like it...
then get one for free! look up the Gideons. they are a nonprofit group that gives out Bibles to anyone who needs one.
hmmm... i don't really want to give up on evolution theory.
then try to rent it at a library (i'm not sure if they'd have one, though you try =))
(removed by author or community request)
#1 If you've never seen God, why do you assume it's a he, or that it even has a sex?

#2 Yes, I can say that that was purely coincidence. I can say that there is a small probability that it could happen, naturally, without supernatural influence. I can also say that if the (invisible) wizard you believe in has the ability to heal like this, you're a sucker for loving someone that doesn't do so at every opportunity they get.

#3 Of course, the same lame old free choice argument. But is it not your fictitious God that gave us the inclination to kill? The crusades occurred in the name of God. You believe in a mythical being that put people on Earth, and made them want to kill other people.

#4 If God is so creative, why was his creative process so close minded. He chose only one planet to put creatures on, when there were many more a stone's throw away. The giraffe has defining features yes, but different is a "comparative" statement. A giraffe is not all that different to a human. It just looks different. But if seeing is believing for you...

#5 We can't see dark matter, nor can we see gravity. But! And here's the clincher...we have scientific evidence that they exist!

Just think about it. I know it's tough; you were raised, after all, to believe these magic bedtime stories, but come on...any story that ultimately can only hold water if you have to blindly believe it, just doesn't make sense. Because truth is vision, truth doesn't hide, truth doesn't exist in bedtime stories. Keep the moral lessons your parents taught you, but throw away your faith in hocus pocus, it's a waste of life.
well said :P
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