Awsome lego gun with true slide-action trigger system!

Step 1: The Slide

Assemble the pieces in the photo as shown

Step 2: The Base

The base is the foundation for the barrel, and the foundation for the trigger/handle.
Assemble the pieces as shown

Step 3: Connecting the Slide and the Gun

Follow the directions on the images
<p>i like this gun it looks cool</p>
You can make more angles with knex. I remain sure!
can we just drop it and say that they both have their pros and cons and in the end it doesn't convert any of us?
uberstix beats all of them.
nope :P
Aaah. LEGO. So much better than K'Nex. SOooo much better. Nice job, is this the first LEGO gun on instructables?
When the gun is finished...It's a little harder to work with. I would be a lego gunner instead but overall knex is just easier and there is already a big community for it.
All good reasons. A lot of K'nex 'gunners' attempt to recreate actual guns though. For this purpose, LEGO just seems better, for both color and form. The fact that's it's harder to work with as an operable 'gun' is legit, but lots of people make inoperable guns out of k'nex.
lego is better for models and looks. knex can easily give better performance. AND with a few types of pieces, you don't need to look everywhere for a certain piece for a lego gun you want. so look/better coloring is lego. knex is better at performance.
knex and lego guns dont have orange tips...
i agree
And there are only about 20 piece types, lego has like a million.
Exactly, LEGO reigns supreme for realistic replication.
Not neccisarily. You can make angles with knex unmakable with lego.
I got both lego and knex so it dosnt realy mater to me and lots of them
no its not.
yes it is
who really cares anyways?
its not
Yeah, i checked after writing that. It is the best though.
but i was also relating to where you said lego is better than knex. >:(
I know, reality bites huh.
(\_/) (o.o) (> <) I set my bunny on you! there are also 3 ninjas with him, try to spot them.
No need, reality bites the heads off bunnies, too :)
you got that right!
(\_/)<br>(o.o)<br>(&gt;&lt;) like my buny
how do you do that<br>
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i used 2 play w/ legos, but now its all knex bcuz u can make more sturdy and powerful and realistic guns.......... 0.5* srry i just hate legos.....theyre mean..!
I used to play with legos, but then I took an arrow to the knee
sorry a ken-x bolt to the knee
how many rounds does this get?
this is one of the coolest guns ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
your right this is awesome<br>
Both legos and k'nex have disadvantages and advantages, legos is much harder to work with and especially to replicate however, but the designs can be of equal quality, both have a lot of potential. The potential of legos in gunning has yet to be seen though, so it really cannot be accurately compared to k'nex.
<sup>well</sup> if you ask me knex are harder to work with becouse they have less possibilities <br/>
I think that they have both have a ton of possibilities.
Legos PROS -have the potential to look better than knex guns -can potentially have a removable magazine (much easier to make) -can have a fake slide system CONS -harder to build a firing model than knex -firing models usually look like crap (no offense) Knex PROS -much easier to make a firing model -can look really realistic with a firing system -firing models can have magazines (not necessarily removable) CONS -non firing models usually look patchy and (excuse the term) horrible Those are all I could think of at the moment
also, knex guns can be more comfortable on the hands
I agree, they also make your fingers hurt.
My k'nex make my wrists hurt but not my fingers.
oblivitus, i agree with you. thats why I made my lego gun. its really simple, shoots rubber bands over 50 feet! all you need are really basic parts! check it out
the best guns i have seen in lego are RBGs
The best lego pistol. PERIOD. 5 stars!

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