Picture of Awesome Straw Plane
This is a plane that has a drinking straw as a fuselage and it flies very nicely. I once made a rubber band powered propeller plane out of this design but I think a small electric motor (needs to fit in the straw) may be able to possibly make an RC plane like thing, or at least make it fly longer(also the motor will act as the nose weight).
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need-

*A sheet of cardstock
*Tape (not heavy duty tape because it is to heavy)
*A napkin
*A bendy straw

Step 2: Making the fuselage

Instructions in the image notes.

Step 3: Make the wings.

Picture of Make the wings.
Instructions in the image notes.

Step 4: Adding The wings.

Instructions are in the image notes.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Instructions are in the image notes.

Step 6: Throwing It

Throw it by the little tab you made under the plane, and if it flies strait up and nose dives then throw it softer. If it barely goes anywhere throw it harder. Also try to throw it strait and level. Good luck with your plane.
jbaker551 year ago
i made it,it flies 50% though
RSV263 years ago
some detale wood be nice ???????
smileys (author)  RSV263 years ago
are you not seeing the image notes as well, or do you see them and want more info? If the latter of the two is your question what details would you like?
freeza363 years ago
there are no image notes
smileys (author)  freeza363 years ago
weird... I see them

They are the little yellow boxes, mouse over them and you should see the notes
well i wouldnt be suprised if it was my new computer. if i try to make a yellow note box, it will show in the same position on all of my pictures
maj2k104 years ago
cool plane. inginuit at its best.
HoboPhil4 years ago
I still dont get it, i made it again just like you told me to, but still, Point A: stairs, Point B: floor, Flight Path: down. You gotta "re-enlighten" me, later. At some point. Eventually.
wvill4 years ago
i agree
rohanbansal5 years ago
Its  awsome !
im about to make it
dcL5 years ago
 Hi I just wandering why do you require a bendy straw if you are going to cut off the bendy part anyway.

Cool plane 
smileys (author)  dcL5 years ago
The bendy straw(with the bendy part cut off) is smaller, and I have found it works better with that size straw. If you want you can just use a regular straw but it might work better if you cut it to a smaller length.
wvill smileys4 years ago
ZouBCivil4 years ago

33333a5 years ago
the thing work great that made my day . the best paper is printing paper!!thx
pl,okmijn5 years ago
 works good : )
lowercase6 years ago
pager motors fits nicely inside a straw, or those from disposable sex toys which are easier to find (and cheaper), it could be cool to try it out. Any ideas on how to shape a propeller that small?, maybe with some paper too.
sex toys ? SEX TOYS!
smileys (author)  lowercase6 years ago
I have tried to use a paper propeller for the rubber band idea, and it didn't work all that well. I found my propeller at a local hobby shop (the propeller wasn't actually the one that goes in front of the plane but I think it was one that was supposed to go on the wings, it worked though).
ubloke5 years ago
the best plane ever!
KornIsKool5 years ago
mine works really well when i throw it upside down. 4stars
Looks good. I will try it.
nice work dude faved and 5*
rimar20006 years ago
Nice design.