this prank involves:
pull string firecracker
duct tape
a door and
a non willing volunteer

Step 1: Getting Started

1st rip a piece of duct tape about 5" long, then place the firecracker on it. make sure that there is a little sticking out. then fold over one of the corners over the fire cracker. Then tape it to the wall, after that reinforce the duct tape with multiple pieces of tape. Now tape a small piece of tape and wrap it around the fire cracker string. This will ensure a pull, instead of the string letting go and not making the firecracker go boom. Then tie the other string around the tape on the end of the firecracker.
hay email me i rally want to no all the steppes how to make a like its kinda like a claymore i want to now all the steps thank e mail me at bricelice@yahoo.com
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I´ve been using this for about three years now at my boarding-school and it´s worked out great the girls where so enthusiastic about the bang that they screamed with joy! Now seriously this IS fun exept for that one time Catja got her hand singed... PS: sorry bout english im danish... PHREAK
It looks like a cool idea, there has been one done before though. Please get pictures that are all normal perspective instead of sideways please.
yeah i hear ya.... sorry

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