Awsome speaker tube from old computer speakers

Picture of Awsome speaker tube from old computer speakers
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So I recently got a big pile of hardware junk from a friend of mine and found a particularly ugly pair of speakers in it.
They were from the era when computer accessories had to be white and dull. After fixing some broken wires I found out it had some pretty tough hardware in it for its category and a pleasant sound too. Since I wanted a small set of speaker for my laptop a long time ago I decided to turn these old boxes into something usable.

So, what you will need:
- old computer speakers with built in amplifier
- cardboard
- glue (lots of)
- old T-shirt
- some wires
- some nuts and bolts
- tape

- soldering iron
- knife
- dumbbells ^^
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Step 1: Create the tube

Picture of Create the tube

Of course if you can find a cardboard/pvc tube that suits your needs you can use that, but it's much easier to fit everything inside if you make your own.
Note: use thin, one layered cardboard, as others look ugly when bent

Making tube is quite easy. You basically glue 3-4 layers together and let it dry for a couple of hours. When it's done wrap it up on something round, glue again and wait till it's dry again.
I used my dumbbells as weight when gluing the layers, and I also wrapped the cardboard around it to create the tube.

When done this thing should be almost as hard as plywood.

Then you can add the final layer: the textile covering, aka cut up the T-shirt and wrap the tube in it nicely.

Step 2: Wiring

Picture of Wiring
Depending on the layout of the amplifier board you might need to rewire some stuff... or everything.
I designed mine so that the boards length matches the inner diameter of the tube, so I didn't have to move the potentiometers.
mathman471 year ago
Nice job & a very good Instructable. Thanks for sharing.