Replacing Axe & Hammer Handles





Introduction: Replacing Axe & Hammer Handles

  • Fit the handle observing where witness marks land in relation to the bottom of the kerf.

Step 1: Remove the Old Handle and Fit the New One

  • Remove the handle by any means you can.
  • I used a reciprocating saw and a hammer and punch on this sledgehammer (see video).
  • Use a piece of firewood to drive the new handle into the head without damaging the handle.
  • I use a riffler to fine tune the handle shape for a perfect fit.

Step 2: Check the Kerf and Install the Wooden Wedge

  • The base of the head must extend half an inch beyond the bottom of the kerf.
  • Mark where the bottom of the kerf is with a pencil so that you can insert the wedge properly into the tool head
  • I couldn't freeze frame a clear pic of driving in the wedges but I use a 3 lb. hammer and a wooden cushion (see video).

Step 3: Stake the Wooden Wedge With Steel Wedge(s)

  • Counter-sink your steel wedges.
  • Turn a larger steel wedge diagonally.

Step 4: Protect Your Tools

  • Use Mineral Oil to protect wood.



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    Great job on your first Instructable! I hope we see more from you in the future.

    My first Instructable - May 21st 2015