Axel Chakrams Tutorial (For Cosplay)


Introduction: Axel Chakrams Tutorial (For Cosplay)

So hello.  In this tutorial I will show, how to build the weapons of Axel ( from Kingdom hearts)  for cosplay. 

Step 1: Let´s Begin...

First you need some stuff to build them^^


Stuff you need ( for both Chakrams):

·          4 X Sticks out of wood (Length: ca. 12 inch ; bore: Not important you should be able to grab it.^^)

·            8X Circles of styrofoam (caliber:  ca. 8 inch)

·            Printer paper (it should be pretty thick cause we will made the blades out of them. And they will be hollow inside.)

·            A lot of old newspapers

·           Glue

·           Wire ( for the external circle)

·          Tape

·          Paint ( you need just two colours   Red and silver. Use that kind of colour you prefer. I used a combination of Spray and normal wallpaint. )

·          1 X Deco - marker  from Edding ( not necessary but it was helpful to correct the paint. You never be able to paint it completely perfect.  ;)   )

·           Some stain to make the whole thing water-resistant

·          Three rolls of  Tennis grip band


Tools you need: (well the tools I used ^^)

·        Saw

·         Brush

·         Cutter

·        Ruler

·         Chisel

·        Hammer

·         Rasp

·        Pincer

·        (And some workspace)

Ok. Now let´s start’: (with one Chakram)
At first you have to mark the middle of your sticks. Then you should cut a slot like in this picture.  The slots are as long as the sticks thick. Try to do straight slots. When you put two sticks together it should be a cross.

Stabilize the cross with tape. Don´t worry, later you will not see the tape. So you can use a lot. But you should be able to grab it later too ;3
Then add the Styrofoam circles also fix them with tape. For a better hold you can also make some slots in the rings. But careful they are fragile.

Step 2:

3.  Now, after you have added all four rings your construction should looks like this. For the next step you should ask for help because now you have to bend the wire in shape. It´s easier with some help of a friend.
Make sure that you have a wire that is more or less easy to bend but also stabile. !!! And wear gloves!!! Otherwise you can get some bad insurance.
Now bend the wire twice around the Chakram. Make sure that it looks ok, before you cut the wire. Tape the wire also and fix it on to the construction.   (And yeah….. I have used a lot of tape.)  After you have bend the wire, take some newspaper and wrap it around the wire, till the ring have the tight you want. Coat the tall ring with tape.

Step 3:

4.  After that is done take the printer paper and fold the blades. I made the stickle on my own. It´s the best you use a picture of axels chakrams and make the stickle your own.  
You need 16 blades. 8 blades for each chakram. Also use tape to stabilize them. (I used two rolls of tape so far. And I´m sorry, but this step will take a lot of time. It had cost me a whole day to make these blades.  @_@ )

After that, you have 16 little blades.
Use a cutter and cut of the lower side of the blades.  Because you have to tape the blades now on the chakram.

Step 4:

5. Make sure that the blades are on the right position. After that, take some of the wire and cut it into 16 little pieces. Bend the little pieces into spikes.  And add them at the opposite site of your blades.
Now your chakram should looks like that.
And so you can start to papmaschée it. You need a lot of newspapers. Make sure to do more than 7 layers.
I used toilet paper for the final layers too. Bad point is that toilet paper has stamping. So you have to file the whole thing after it´s dry. But the good thing is that toilet paper is white and so you can colour the chakram directly. Otherwise you have to colour it white first.
After it´s dry you can start to colour it. First you use the silver paint and after it´s dry the red paint. So you don´t have to be careful with the silver paint.  
Fix the Chakram with the deco-marker if necessary and seal the whole construction with stain.
(Congratulation! You are nearly finished. ;3 )

Step 5: And It´s Done!

6. Now we have to do the grip. Like I told before we have to hide the tape in the middle. So we take now out tennis- grip-band and wrap the cross in the middle. 
If you want you can add some chains to the grip in the middle. It´s not necessary but it looks pretty cool ;3

And you are finish!!!

Your own weapons form axel. Perfect for the next Cosplay convention. ^^ ( Or for the wall XP )
And they looks really great^^ 

Wish you all a lot of fun to copy them. 

Your Amatero ^w^



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    3 years ago

    Hi, this tutorial is great, but were there any smaller rings of foam you could use?

    1 reply

    Hi there. Sorry for the long delay. But christmas XD

    Possible there are smaller rings to use for the chakrams. You can use any size you want ;3 I noticed that the chakrams turned out quite huge. But not a huge error.

    Hope you have a lot of fun crafting whatever you want. And a merry christmas^^

    Awesome!! Love kingdom hearts! 1000000000000/5

    very cool guy , i need to make one !
    sry for my bad english , i am brazilian.


    1 reply

    You might want to separate this step into two steps, like this:

    Step 1 Materials Needed

    (Picture of just the materials you need)

    First you need some stuff to build them^^...


    ... (And some workspace)

    Step 2 Let's Begin!

    (Pictures of the first few building steps)

    Ok. Now let´s start: (with one Chakram)...


    ... But be careful, because they are fragile.

    Most readers skim through the materials needed section and go on to see the build process, so by doing this, it's less likely for your reader to miss the important first steps of making the chakram!

    Hope this helps. :)

    1 reply

    Thank you. That´s a good advice. I will edit the Instruction when I have the time. ^^