After being on this site for quite some time, and using other people's tutorials, I thought that I should contribute something that could help many people. If this design doesn't work for your machine, you can always change it so that it WILL work.

This is a neat way to protect the axis of your mini cnc milling machine designed by Honus. It is a simple way to keep dust, grit, grime, and bits from clogging up the axis's of your machine.

Please read each step fully before you start so that you do not waste material.

I am not liable for any mistakes you make, errors that cause waste in resources, damage to your property, yourself, or others. Knifes are sharp, if they can cut, they can cut YOU.

CNC Machines are dangerous and should not be operated by people that do not have experience, knowledge, or any certification in this field. Take precaution when using these machines for they can severely injure yourself, your property, or others. I will not be held liable for anything you do.

By starting any part of this project, you agree to the terms above.
Have fun!

Step 1: Materials and Costs

Keep dust, grit, grime, and bits from clogging up the axis's of your machine using inexpensive materials that are cheap and easy to find.


- Redishade Temporary window shade Size: 48" x 72" x 1" price: $12 from The Home Depot. (links below)
- Permanent Fabric Glue (fabric can be washed after glue dries)
- Wax Paper
- Popsicle Sticks
- Bolts or screws
- Thin strips of sheet metal (About 2" x 3/4" :::6 of them:::) (not needed if you just spread out the bolts/screws... it's only to keep the fabric pressed up against the mounting location)


- Clamps or Clothes Pins
- Scissors, Exacto Knife, Box cutter, Hacksaw, Knife; to cut out the fabric.

( i used a Mastercraft folding utility knife : http://www.canadiantire.ca/AST/browse/6/Tools/HandTools/UtilityKnives/PRD~0575025P/Mastercraft%252B17-Piece%252BFolding%252BUtility%252BKnife%252BSet.jsp?locale=en)


Redishade Temporary window shade is a temporary shade use to cover windows. It comes in Fabric form and Tissue form (for extremely temporary use). It does not contain any mechanism to raise or lower the blind;all it is, is a fabric sheet that has been creased to fold in a zig zag pattern.

In this instructable i am going to be using the fabric type because it will be more durable, and last longer. The tissue paper one might be usefull aswell because you can just throw them out after each use, which would be usefull if you are using coolant or other solutions and would want to dispose it easily... but then again, the fabric one can be washed to take out the chemicals. It's your choice ofcourse. I noticed that the fabric version was only a dollar or two more than the tissue, so you might aswell splurg for the fabric.

The window shade is a zig zag pattern of folded fabric. It is capable of collapsing alot, while also able to expand; perfect for this use.

Canada Link: I live in Canada but they dont have it posted on the Canadian website.... but the store had the same one as the USA website.

USA Link: http://www.homedepot.com/Redi-Shade/h_d1/N-5yc1vZ5gj/R-202617599/h_d2/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10053

<p>cool idea ;-)</p>
Try making a cover like this :<br>http://www.cnczone.com/forums/general_metalwork_discussion/58425-my_first_home_made_way.html<br><br>much easier, same outcome
An ingenious idea, and one that I'll try on the somewhat larger CNC machine I'm making. Well done!
Just add some musical reeds and CNC... in Polka style!!! XD<br><br>Okay, maybe not.<br><br>Just wanted to say this is a great idea! I really liked your vac table instructible too!
it IS CNC... just not finished building the machine yet.
I will soon be posting an instructable on how i made the vaccum table.
Wow, this is a wonderful and much needed writeup! When I was working in a CNC place, I saw these on the laser tables, but I haven't ever seen these on any homemade machines. This is definitely going in my future machine!
ya, i'm almost finished building the CNC machine that Honus designed. i had to take quite a bit of time off from working on it due to full time school. I saw rubber version of this on a 5 Axis machine's Z-axis, and i thought it would be a good thing to do to my cnc machine.

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