Hi! This is I'd like to say the best lego gun, well at least  In terms of shooting.
Slingshot firing system.
-140FT range!!!
- Looks sweet!
- Cool fake mag!
- Removable stock
- Good handle
-Not that strong
- Long reload, Because of the slingshot system
- No trigger
**** Axiys ****
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Annix153 years ago
i would say lego isn't designed to hold rubber bands, lego is to flimsy to be able to hold a rubberband that is being pulled back, Knex is better suited for rubberbands! but, 3.8*
DJ Radio5 years ago
All you proved is that knex is better than lego for making a slingshot sniper.  Hell, knex even has better ammo rounds. 
Hell knex is great but there is so much more you can do with lego for example: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/122027 keep in mind that this beast fires bricks not bands if you need proof of that check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efe9NLZ6_i4
Lego is better for building replicas or just great aesthetics. K'nex is better for making guns with high power and function.
Totaly agree if it wasnt for the shortage in power i would probably invest some of my time into trying to make one.
Jesus. (author)  DJ Radio5 years ago
I challenge you to build a better one!
Whaleman Jesus.5 years ago
He wasn't saying that he could make a better one, he was saying that knex in general is better for making these sorts of things.
 well hes got a point. dj keeps talking bad about EVERY GUN ON THE SITE even though his guns are extremely bad by like 5 times as much. dj cant build anything if he tried
Your the one to be talking knexmaster(haahahahahaha)7000
 if you make fun of my name then why dont you make fun of knexfreek? ur just immature and cant handle such a small thing like staying out of peoples arguments.
 Bcz Knexfreek ownz u!!!! 
 and you so shut up
 But i'm not nagging bout it pal...
 neither was i. and why do you have to but into other peoples conversations. nobody wants you here so just leave.
No, no-one wants YOU here, and it's a website not a real life conversation,
So we can't just walk out the door or something likethat.
dude come on grow up. this happened last year.
You just backed up my point. Not a real conversation. It happened a year ago.
he doesn't make fun of knex freek, because thats a decent name,

taking the mickey out of yourself is almost always better than boasting yourself...

although, personally i dont like the name "silent assassin" much better than yours...

At least your being honest and to tell the truth ive been trying to get a admin to change my profile name. But a certian admin cough eric cough cough wont respond. And knexfreeks name does tell the truth he exellent at what he does where as most of knexmasters guns are knockoffs of the siprani.

what name are you changing it to ?

i know...

and you have some decent replicas... but not the best.. ( im thinking famas, M4 and the head of the M16...)

still better than KM7000s though...
I dont remember i sent it too him a month ago and no response or action taken. What part of the m16 is wrong i dont exactly know what you mean by the head.
Have you noticed? ...knexmaster(cough right! Cough) has disappeared.....
the forebarrel (it looks too big to me) and the iron sight looks the wrong way round...
Merugop barrax5 years ago
 M16 barrels are really big at the m16a1 and a2 versions never noticed it?
barrax Merugop5 years ago
i didnt mean that part, i meant the very end of the barrel looks too wide
 you are the kind of person everyone else should be like. 
thanks mate :)
Who's side are you on anyway?! Lol.
Technically dj radio hasn't replied so therefore, not an argument.
To funny of a chance to get into a arguement with a person that thinks dj sucks. He's better than you your guns are pretty much all siprani mods.
 yeah i agree my guns are almost the worst on the site
 hahahahahaha silentassasin? very creative bud. you guys are all trying to get in fights on a fricen knex website. seriously, i say all you should get lives.
you're the one in the fight dude, and i know that i have a life...
 im not talking about you. ur nice and you dont try to piss people off
thanks mate,

but DJ is my friend, and i'll always try and stick up for him..
Really?  I don't talk bad about every gun on the site.  Go look at my comments on Knex gun builder's P90 for example.  I want him to post it so bad.  And how are my guns extremely bad?  I put something called "Effort" into them, which is lacking in most of the newer guns, thus my negative criticism.  

The reason I criticize is because the guns I dislike are not good quality.  I want to encourage builders to go look around before they think their model is so awesome and then post it, thus burying good models under junk.

Then you say that I "can't build anything if I tried".  Wrong.  If I don't try I don't build at all.  I've made 13 original knex models (4 were taken down because they sucked, but for some reason the newer models that I criticize aren't better than they are.  I've also made other people's guns, most of the ones I've made work very well and I liked working with them.  I've built the TR and the NAR from mere PICTURES alone, without instructions.  I've built a PERFECT knexsayer from instructions. Look at the hordes of people who say they can't do the same.  I'd like to see you try that.
 haha i built the knexsayer the day i saw it go on the website like a year ago and modded it too. im not trying to get you guys all mad its just you guys have the shortest f*cking fuses ive ever seen. i say one thing and all the knex people have to cry about it. and i dont really know how good you are for building guns but Ive tried building yours and its just sooo effing annoying. you say u put effort into things but almost every one of your instructables has chunks of your guns that says build from pictures. they are also all bluury
Ohh waaaaah waaaah, boo hooo hooo! 

You guys have shorter fuses than I ever will.  I'm not the one going off every time someone leaves a negative comment for my guns, you are the people getting angry and complaining about my criticism.  Instructions and the actual guns are 2 different things.  I put so much effort into guns that I don't have enough left for instructions.  And if you can't build it then that's your problem.  You're not doing me a favor by building my guns.  I'm doing you a favor by giving you instructions for them, no matter how bad the instructions seem. Everyone else can build it.  Why not you?
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