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Introduction: Aztec Style Jewelry

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I wanted to make jewelry from thumbtack and wood .In the creation process of this jewelry.Was a great help the use of the colored yarns and the aztec pattern.

Step 1: The Basic Commodity

You will need approximately 4 cm lenght pine wooden slat , a package thumbtack and some colorful hank yarn.

Step 2: The Thumback

You have to stick the thumback in the wood slat.

Step 3: The Weaving

Between the thumbtack must weave a yarn in a pyramid shape.

Step 4: The Wire

Put in both of the ends a wire and with a wire hoops must be connected.

Step 5: The Final Result

We put on the ends a leather thread.



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    What a cool idea, it looks fantastic

    Thank you very much , glad you like it.

    Thank you very much !

    These are beautiful! Good luck in the contest :)


    Unfortunately for me, the design part of the necklace is wider than I ever wear, but it definitely looks awesome and I might make it as a gift for a friend, or use it as a jumping off point for another project. Very well done, great creativity too!