Aztof Du'Reth's Steampunk USB





Introduction: Aztof Du'Reth's Steampunk USB

This was made from a USB, 3/4" copper pipe, and various pieces from a broken pocketwatch. the entire thing is held together with gorilla glue. It took, in total, about 15 minutes to make, not counting the time it took for the glue to dry.

Long days and pleasant nights,

Aztof Du'Reth



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    Excellent Work! 4.5

    Nice work! Could of done with a full Ible! I would be temped to track down a usb with a gold connector, would tie in better!

    thanks, I am thinking ot replicating this one with another USB that I have. The electrothermal rifle should be finished in about 4-5 weeks, I have had a few minor setbacks, and the fact that I could not varnish it before my trip means that it will take longer to complete than expected.

    if you make one with the gold tip, make sure you dont leave the gold connector looking all shiny and new. age it a bit (but be careful not to mess up the connector)

    yeah, my only problemis that I don't have enough monie$ for a gold one, and am saving up for some other stuff