BöxliSpiil is a spin off of a series of shelves and boxes I'm designing right now. One of the main concerns was to cut all pieces as lossless as possible, saving material and waste, while still ending up with a flexible boxing system.

In order to maximize flexibility and minimize cutting time I wrote a JavaScript program which directly outputs SVGrafics. Unfortunately the program is still missing a graphical interface, but we will deliver one day...

The puzzle itself may be assembled in many different ways. You may create very simple puzzles or aim for the high IQ version. However, speaking of high IQ, we were not able to figure out how many different ways there would be, so any mathematical help on this matter would be highly appreciated.

And if anything fails you still end up with a storage box... A strange one, though.

Step 1: Cut!

The attached SVG contains a complete box and fits on DIN A4 (297mm x 210mm) . The used (ply)wood has to be 4mm thick.

Totally awesome, maybe the next year I could afford a lasser cutter an try this
I have access to one in our fablab. The problem is less the affordability than the place and the stench...
<p>&Auml;s Gr&uuml;&auml;ssli nach Fribourg - nice work</p>

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