This is the second version of my crossbow. I made it awhile back, and decided to post it. Now for the Pro's and No's:

-Low peice usage
-Strong mechanism
-Good range (60-70 ft with #32 rubber bands)
-Looks awesome
-Good bipod

-Not really any, but the range could be better...

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Step 1: The Body

Build from the pics.

Step 2: The Handle

Build from the pics.

Step 3: The Stock

Build from the pics.

Step 4: The Bow Arms

Build from the pics.

Step 5: The Bipod

Build from the pics.

Step 6: Ammo

This gun fires standard crossbow bolts: Red connectors on red rods.

Step 7: Your B.A.C-1's

If you post a picture, I will add it to this ible.

1. The original B.A.C-1
I don't really get the name. Lightening War Assault Crossbow?<br />
u speak german or get that from the coments?
I don't speak German, but I know the most basic words relating to war and weapons. Blitzkrieg is often taught in school for the way the Germans fought during WWII.
my german is very weak but doesnt blitzkrieg mean &quot;lightning war&quot;?how does this apply to that crossbow?
well I&nbsp;might be able to get ita mag.
Looks a bit front heavy and long, otherwise, quite good.<br />
i like it!

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