They Move! Create badass mechatronic wings, build using your MindStorms EV3 and assorted Technic elements. For all the fallen angels that need their wings restored - and just, - to create the impossible. Lego-wings! Build, programmed and animated within a few hours. Created in two days with ease of bricks.

Create these witty Mechatronic Wings yourself in 16 steps -

Go through the documentation and build them yourself, or use it as inspiration to build an customised mechanism. All elements in my tutorial are specified by picture and number. If you have any questions, drop a line. Extra instructions can be included based on your feedback.

Happy creating! <3

Step 1: Gather the Elements [BOM Included]

Select all the elements, so you don't have to run around too much,
searching for them. You need at least the following parts for the
WHITE wings [see picture] I sorted them all in an sheet for you.

Attached BOM* [picture] as estimated on used parts


From your EV3 unit you need:

1 piece of EV3 Brick* [serves as the control center and power station for your robot] part # 6009996
1 piece of EV3 Rechargeable Battery Unit [or the 6 AA pack, up to you] part # 6012820
1 piece of EV3 Infrared Sensor part #95654
3 cables - 50 cm / 20 in. part # 6024585 [all cables have modified RJ12 cable connectors]
2 pieces of EV3 Medium Motors part # 6008577
1 piece of EV3 XL Motor part # 6009430

* these parts are specific to the WHITE version of the wings,
for the BLACK version - change the white parts to BLACK parts.

The retail kit you can buy here http://www.lego.com/en-us/mindstorms/products/31313-mindstorms-ev3?ignorereferer=true this are these parts: http://robotsquare.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/ev3_31313_home_edition_elements.jpg. Look there which parts are missing from my BOM and you can order them at sites as https://www.bricklink.com/ and Ebay.

<p>thank you for the inspiration &lt;3 </p><p> i love your work </p>
<p>OUTSTANDING! I just got the Mindstorm set for my kiddo and we built the first robot. Haven't programmed yet, but this upcoming weekend we will. You just gave me the idea to make the Iron Spiderman Suit (the extra legs) with this!!!</p>
<p>anouk, YOU are badass. love all of your projects, but you know that. :)</p>
<p>nahw *smootch* make em! Ev3 is cool &lt;3 ^^</p>
<p>this is frikin awesome</p>
<p>very cool</p>
<p>We &lt;3 this project</p>
Very nice! Can you post a video too? Would like to see your invention move...
<p>It's added now! :)</p>
<p>way, way, way coool !</p>
Dang! This is legit! This is really inspiring to me
<p>These wings are AMAZING! My son just got a Mindstorm for Christmas. Hopefully he will work up to something like this someday. Thanks for sharing the project!!</p>
<p>Straight from hell xD</p><p>I admire your works. I wish I had your talent!</p>
<p>This is awesome! Great design!</p>
That looks very cool and futuristic.

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