I'm planning six classes for a local Summer craft club.    The biggest challenge is that we have very little money in which to pull this off, and I really want these children to be able to make items they will enjoy and wish to keep.  This project fits perfectly.

I found a bunch of bent Badminton rackets at a garage sale.  I explained what I would be using them for and the person at the sale gave me a great deal.  I also posted on Freecycle for 2x6 wood and rackets and managed to scrape enough items together for this project to become a reality.

I'm going to have all the bees cut out and sanded and all the rackets cut prior to the crafting day.  The children will be able to paint and spray and assemble.


  2X6 untreated wood
  Sand paper
  drill & bits
  Yellow & Black acrylic paint
  White spray paint
  Clear sealer spray paint
  two beads for eyes
  I justused  two little silver disks from the ends of packaged dough rolls
  2 Badminton rackets
  wire cutter or metal tin snip
  Paper & pencil to make a pattern - optional
This is such a creative way to reuse the rackets. Thanks for the great 'ible!
that is really cute and a brilliant idea !
Thanks =)
Thank you =)
Oh that is adorably cute and clever. About the eyes, wouldn't it be really neat if you used a pair of solar lamps for the eyes so that they glow in the dark? <br> <br>Even better, maybe your next project could be making a giant fire fly that glows at night using those previous techniques and solar lamps? Especially for the butt? <br> <br>What do you think?
That is such a good idea, thanks.

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