Step 3: WINGS

I found it almost impossible to cut through the racket with a hacksaw.  I then tried to use a tin snip and didn't think it would work, but amazed that it did.  I couldn't cut all the way through, but it was enough of a score that I could just snap the top of the racket from the bottom with a nice clean break.

I also drilled the wing holes in the wood at a slight angle to make it appear as if the bee is flying.
This is such a creative way to reuse the rackets. Thanks for the great 'ible!
that is really cute and a brilliant idea !
Thanks =)
Thank you =)
Oh that is adorably cute and clever. About the eyes, wouldn't it be really neat if you used a pair of solar lamps for the eyes so that they glow in the dark? <br> <br>Even better, maybe your next project could be making a giant fire fly that glows at night using those previous techniques and solar lamps? Especially for the butt? <br> <br>What do you think?
That is such a good idea, thanks.

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