I put a hook on the back to hang this Bee on the side of my house, but I also though it would work to drill a shallow hole in the back side and place the Bee on a metal stake tucked into the bushes.  You could even zip tie the Bee to a tree.

This particular day we will also be doing Dragonflies of the type that you can easily find on the web.  Ceiling fan blades for the wings and decorative table legs for the bodies.  However, I just could not find table legs at a reasonable price to fit with the craft club budget.  So, we will be using 2x6 wood for the bodies.  I'm hoping to update this Instructable with some picture of the projects the children make.  Check back in the Fall if you want to see them.

Thanks for looking and I hope you have an amazing 2012 Summer.
This is such a creative way to reuse the rackets. Thanks for the great 'ible!
that is really cute and a brilliant idea !
Thanks =)
Thank you =)
Oh that is adorably cute and clever. About the eyes, wouldn't it be really neat if you used a pair of solar lamps for the eyes so that they glow in the dark? <br> <br>Even better, maybe your next project could be making a giant fire fly that glows at night using those previous techniques and solar lamps? Especially for the butt? <br> <br>What do you think?
That is such a good idea, thanks.

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