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Introduction: B.A.H. M6-2010

 Hi fellow k'nexers,this is my first instructable on my B.A.H.M6-2010 (Bolt Action Holden-Model 6 2010).Ever since DEADMEAT90 posted a video on a shell ejecting,bolt action, sniper,people have bugged the crap out of him to make instructions.This is why I decided to make my own.(Your welcome DEADMEAT)You wait no longer.

Step 1: Clip

Real simple.Follow pics.

Step 2: Main Body and Shell Chamber Mech.

Follow pics.

Step 3: Bolt,Ram,Trigger

Step 4: Barrel

Step 5: Putting Together,Banding



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    can i build a try to post a better ible because i modded the shell chamber and mag and now it shoots 40-50 feet ang it never jams

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    Btw this is DiddyDo. I made this when I was ten. I'm working on an update to have removable mags and a better trigger. It also has a thumb hole stock with the Firing pin over stock. If you want you can post your gun, or do a collaboration with me or something.

    Hey Jake Guess what!
    when is the real gun gunna be done?

    ho do you make the shell

    very nice, 4. no bolt action and the stock is on a weird place imo...

    lol i just finished modding noneedto's l96 to make one with the same purpose as yours :D

    well its not bolt action