This is a cool toy than can shoot a bamboo skewer over 30 feet. Mine went exactly 33 ft (yes i measured :). It can be dangerous and might draw blood if shot at bare skin. This instructable will cost you only about $3.00, but most people already have the materials in their homes. This is a fun toy to use in target pratice. Sorry for any bluriness in the photos.

P.S. this is my first instructable, so go easy on the comments.

Step 1: Gather Materials

The materials nedded are:

1) Bamboo skewers (more skewers, more ammo)
2) Needels (the same amount of skewers)
3) Tape, i used scotch tape cuz thats all i had but duct tape works best.
4) A two liter bottle (the avarage poland spring/deer park water bottle will work too).
5) One medium sized rubberband
6) blade/knife
7) scissors
8) paper and a marker for the target (optional)
<p>so great i shot a stuffed koala, a tip to make your arrows stronger is two use two needles on one arrow</p>
I am so going to use this in class, do you think it will stick into the roof
Unless your school lets you carry guns into the grounds there is a higher chance of getting suspended
try a compass
i mean cause the hole in the top is so big
put the elastic band on the other end and put the top of the bottle on and drill a hole in the middle bit bigger then the skewer in increase accuracy by 80 percent hope this helps
any more ideas please email them to mattyts@live.co.uk this is so cool
sweet...totally sweet
dude qa bottle decreases the accuracy of the projectile shooter it should also have a little longer barrel
mines pretty god goes 32 feet-acuate t hit a quarterin 15 feet
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/how-to-make-a-decent-skewwer-shooter/">how to make a decent skewwer shooter</a>mines here <br/>
dude! i know its ur first, but u can just grab a pocket knife a whittle it! i can get a skewer needle sharp in seconds w/ a folder knife.
ok this is an ok shooter but you need more barrel... if u want to take the time get a 2-3in wooden dowel and drill a hole through then yeah... I will have a instructable soon...
nice touch adding the needle, that could kill. i find bamboo skewer shooters wok best when ther'es more of a barrel, like a pen casing or a straw (they are more accurate)
would you mind if I modded this to make it smaller and simpler?
A nice simple take on a classic instructable
kinda cool already made one
its a 'johnny popper' lol here, usually condoms get called johnnys (for sum strange reason) and basicly, instead of where the elastic band goes, its a condom, works great :) but balloons work better, and thats such a simple instructables, and could hurt, a lot.......i need a bottle and elastic band.....
one of my instructables is like this search "making pea shooters shoot skewers"

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