This is a cool toy than can shoot a bamboo skewer over 30 feet. Mine went exactly 33 ft (yes i measured :). It can be dangerous and might draw blood if shot at bare skin. This instructable will cost you only about $3.00, but most people already have the materials in their homes. This is a fun toy to use in target pratice. Sorry for any bluriness in the photos.

P.S. this is my first instructable, so go easy on the comments.

Step 1: Gather Materials

The materials nedded are:

1) Bamboo skewers (more skewers, more ammo)
2) Needels (the same amount of skewers)
3) Tape, i used scotch tape cuz thats all i had but duct tape works best.
4) A two liter bottle (the avarage poland spring/deer park water bottle will work too).
5) One medium sized rubberband
6) blade/knife
7) scissors
8) paper and a marker for the target (optional)

Step 2: "the Launcher"

Take a knife or blade and cut a slot at the top of the bottle (about an inch or two fron the mouth piece).
Then using the scissors cut around the bottle (place the scissors in the slot to help you cut the bottle). Throw away the bottom part of the bottle and keep the mouth piece part.
Cut the rubberband so you'll have one long piece. Using tape add the ruberband (tape both ends to the mouth piece). Please refer to the photos for help.

Step 3: The Ammo

Take the bamboo skewer and tape a neeedle to the tip of it. Make sure it is taped well or else the needle will come out. The needle adds weight to the skewer so it can go farther. It's also used to "stick" to your target better. Your bamboo skewer shooter is now ready for firing!

Step 4: Firing the Skewer

Take the skewer and place it trough the mouth piece as shown in the picture. the needle should be facing toward your target, which shoudn't be living creatures by the way. Hold the skewer and the rubberband together, pull back as far as the rubberband can go and FIRE! Let go of the rubberband and the skewer should have stuck to you target. HAVE FUN.



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    so great i shot a stuffed koala, a tip to make your arrows stronger is two use two needles on one arrow

    I am so going to use this in class, do you think it will stick into the roof

    Unless your school lets you carry guns into the grounds there is a higher chance of getting suspended

    yes coming from a small red leaf on head creature i still agree but in a good way :P

    i mean cause the hole in the top is so big

    put the elastic band on the other end and put the top of the bottle on and drill a hole in the middle bit bigger then the skewer in increase accuracy by 80 percent hope this helps