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This is a cool toy than can shoot a bamboo skewer over 30 feet. Mine went exactly 33 ft (yes i measured :). It can be dangerous and might draw blood if shot at bare skin. This instructable will cost you only about $3.00, but most people already have the materials in their homes. This is a fun toy to use in target pratice. Sorry for any bluriness in the photos.

P.S. this is my first instructable, so go easy on the comments.

Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Gather materials
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The materials nedded are:

1) Bamboo skewers (more skewers, more ammo)
2) Needels (the same amount of skewers)
3) Tape, i used scotch tape cuz thats all i had but duct tape works best.
4) A two liter bottle (the avarage poland spring/deer park water bottle will work too).
5) One medium sized rubberband
6) blade/knife
7) scissors
8) paper and a marker for the target (optional)
lone panda1 month ago

so great i shot a stuffed koala, a tip to make your arrows stronger is two use two needles on one arrow

timekiller7 years ago
I am so going to use this in class, do you think it will stick into the roof
Unless your school lets you carry guns into the grounds there is a higher chance of getting suspended
try a compass
imbored7 years ago
i mean cause the hole in the top is so big
mattyts imbored6 years ago
put the elastic band on the other end and put the top of the bottle on and drill a hole in the middle bit bigger then the skewer in increase accuracy by 80 percent hope this helps
sharlston6 years ago
any more ideas please email them to mattyts@live.co.uk this is so cool
lycoris36 years ago
sweet...totally sweet
imbored7 years ago
dude qa bottle decreases the accuracy of the projectile shooter it should also have a little longer barrel
jayro7077 years ago
mines pretty god goes 32 feet-acuate t hit a quarterin 15 feet
jayro7077 years ago
lemonhead477 years ago
dude! i know its ur first, but u can just grab a pocket knife a whittle it! i can get a skewer needle sharp in seconds w/ a folder knife.
Torren1017 years ago
ok this is an ok shooter but you need more barrel... if u want to take the time get a 2-3in wooden dowel and drill a hole through then yeah... I will have a instructable soon...
Mr. Bean1177 years ago
nice touch adding the needle, that could kill. i find bamboo skewer shooters wok best when ther'es more of a barrel, like a pen casing or a straw (they are more accurate)
Crakur7 years ago
would you mind if I modded this to make it smaller and simpler?
A nice simple take on a classic instructable
kinda cool already made one
big-jamie8 years ago
its a 'johnny popper' lol here, usually condoms get called johnnys (for sum strange reason) and basicly, instead of where the elastic band goes, its a condom, works great :) but balloons work better, and thats such a simple instructables, and could hurt, a lot.......i need a bottle and elastic band.....
snipeyouout8 years ago
one of my instructables is like this search "making pea shooters shoot skewers"