Introduction: B.A.R.

This is my Bullpup Assault Rifle. It uses the same rail system as my Railgun Pistol. It uses a seven round magazine that is similar to the one sharir 1701 made, except it doesn't use any cut pieces. I give credit to sharir 1701 because my gun looks like his SABR ( although I didn't purposely try to make it look like his gun; it just had to be that way or else it wouldn't work.) This has good power and is fun to shoot. Please rate, comment, and subscribe.



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    First I need to buy more peices! =+P

    Is it going to be a very large gun?

    I assume that means it's large, but I'm not quite sure.

    Yes I have! Right now I'm building a bolt action rifle!

    Sweet! I can't wait to see your bolt action rifle. =D

    Thanks! =D I see you've gotten back into K'nexing.

    nice... thanks for the credit too. about your gun looking like my SABR, well at first i didn't really like the design of mine either (i did, eventually, after using it in battel and seeing how helpful the shape and compact-ness was), but it had to be that way for the mech to work the way i wanted it to. i know what you mean... lol it's funny. it kills me though that this gun gets more appreciation than mine ever did. i don't understand. mine was most probably more powerful and higher range, it was very accurate, but i don't know how your's is, and it was also better built comfort, looks and trigger mech wise. i am actually jealous at you for that... anyway, nice gun and 5*