B.A.S.-5 (Blitzkrieg Assault Sniper-5)

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Introduction: B.A.S.-5 (Blitzkrieg Assault Sniper-5)

These are all the pics you need to make this gun. It has detachable magzines, shoots red rods, and hits 70 feet. The magazines hold 5 shots. It also has a true trigger and front grip. Use duct tape on the ram and trigger!

If you build, mod, review, or make an 'ible for this gun, you get a FRIGGIN HUGE COOKIE!



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    thanks, this was from when i started

    Yeah, I tried to use an internal mag pusher, but it didn't work out. I took this apart to build a TJASTR2, and I took that apart to build a Z35. Mine dosn't have a stock, I ran out of peices.

    I had enough peices for a stock! yay! My Z35 is full featured, minus the safety. It uses my custom medium capticy mags, 'cause I don't have enough peices to make a hicap.

    Thanks. Iv'e been building knex guns for a year now. Iv'e invented 50+ guns so far. I'm working on an assault rifle now.

    Yeah, a lot of us make many more guns than we post. I've probably made or attempted 2 or 3 hundred.

    The only thing I can think of is having an internal mag pusher, that way there isn't a big rod sticking out of the bottom of the gun, but that's just my preference...

    Decent, but you might wanna redesign the stock a bit.  Other than that, I love old school building techniques like you have in some parts of the gun.