B.A.S.-5 (Blitzkrieg Assault Sniper-5)





Introduction: B.A.S.-5 (Blitzkrieg Assault Sniper-5)

About: I'm an intermediate knexer who builds replica guns and performance guns. If you would like me to make a replica of a gun, just ask. If you would like me to build your gun and review it, just ask. My gamertag...

These are all the pics you need to make this gun. It has detachable magzines, shoots red rods, and hits 70 feet. The magazines hold 5 shots. It also has a true trigger and front grip. Use duct tape on the ram and trigger!

If you build, mod, review, or make an 'ible for this gun, you get a FRIGGIN HUGE COOKIE!



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    Yeah, I tried to use an internal mag pusher, but it didn't work out. I took this apart to build a TJASTR2, and I took that apart to build a Z35. Mine dosn't have a stock, I ran out of peices.

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    I had enough peices for a stock! yay! My Z35 is full featured, minus the safety. It uses my custom medium capticy mags, 'cause I don't have enough peices to make a hicap.

    Thanks. Iv'e been building knex guns for a year now. Iv'e invented 50+ guns so far. I'm working on an assault rifle now.

    Yeah, a lot of us make many more guns than we post. I've probably made or attempted 2 or 3 hundred.

    The only thing I can think of is having an internal mag pusher, that way there isn't a big rod sticking out of the bottom of the gun, but that's just my preference...

    Decent, but you might wanna redesign the stock a bit.  Other than that, I love old school building techniques like you have in some parts of the gun.