BATCH Basics


Introduction: BATCH Basics

Sorry if I only write a little or type wrong because this is my first instructable. :)

Step 1: What Some Things Do

I think that all the commands can be written in capitals.

(I am NOT a professional so feel free to correct me.)

Whatever is in these | are code.


@echo off = Hides BATCH commands.

title = Makes a title at the top header/bar

Example for title | title BATCH COMMANDS |

color = Changes all the characters in your batch to that color.


0 = Black 1 = Blue 2 = Green 3 = Aqua 4 = Red 5 = Purple (Violet) 6 = Yellow 7 = White 8 = Gray

9 = Light Blue A = Light Green B = Light Aqua C = Light Red D = Light Purple E = Light Yellow

F = Bright White

Example for color | color 0A |

echo = "Echos" whatever you put after it.

Example for echo | echo This will be "echoed" |

:: = They are just comments.

Example for :: | ::Nothing will show |

: = I think of these as a kind of... location mark? :\

Example for : | :a |

goto = Goes to whatever indicated (usually for me it's :a )


If none of this made sense sorry!

Example code next page!

Step 2: Example Code

@echo off


color 0A


echo An example

echo Examples

goto :a

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I usually use Notepad to run BATCH files. This is how to save a BATCH file.

1. Write your code onto Notepad

2. Save your code.

3. Save it as {anything}.bat

4. DONE!



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