Introduction: BATHOPIA

Picture of BATHOPIA



Inspired from the ideas of utopia and the beauty of the city of seville we were thinking of designing the missing piece for improving the atmosphere in the
center of the city.
we have discovered a complicated context of society and a specific way of living in the center which is dwelled in two parts from the river flow.
fablabing the river for us meant a chance of going over the river, over the real picture and overcoming exiting problems and disabilities.
our idea is designing a floating platform that contains a bathtub and the bathtub itself contains clean water, making a visible difference between the clean
water in the bathtub and the dirty one in the river. Pragmatically our design is inspired from the warm atmosphere, the different color of the river that is
almost green at the moment and the main thing - adding a gadget that gives the Utopian idea of having a bath in the river.

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