Introduction: BB8 Built With Lego Star Wars Parts... and Yet It Moves at the End of This Tutorial

Picture of BB8 Built With Lego Star Wars Parts... and Yet It Moves at the End of This Tutorial

I watched "A new hope" in 1977 (at that time the movie was called "Star Wars"), at the cinema (my 1st movie), with my father.

Since that year I've become a fan and I'm trying to keep this "tradition" with my son.

Anyway, after watching the VII Episode of Star Wars: "The Force Awakens", my son and I really liked the new droid BB8. My son has such a big collection of Lego Star Wars sets that could make feel envious an owner of a toy shop :-)

So, to cut the long story short, we were staring at the ball/planet that comes with the Series 3 Republic Assault Ship & Coruscant

and we thought: "Why don't we build BB8?"

The other pieces you need for the head, are showed in the picture above...

4586275 - 88293 (white)

I had the same pieces in black, therefore I've painted them.

Considering this version of BB8 has been painted by me, I would consider this Lego model as a fan art.

You need also other "bits" that I put in the next pictures (eye, antennas, etc., etc.).

Step 1: Painting & Making the Templates

Picture of Painting & Making the Templates

Sand the ball with the sandpaper (1200 grit).

Paint it in white.

Attach the eye to the head of BB8

I know that Lego purists are probably against this thing, but not having just 2 knobs on 1 section of the head, has forced me to use some UHU Por. By the way, it did the job perfectly and I don't think it has affected the beauty of this model.

If you don't like to build it this way, you can change the design adding the parts shown in the picture.

Make some paper templates for the orange parts of the ball

You basically have to paint the 6 sides of the ball...

Please use the... patience, instead of the force (at least this time)!

You can find how to draw every single panel of BB8, simply Googling the words: "bb8 panels".

Step 2: Painting, Again!

Picture of Painting, Again!

Showing the patience that just a Jedi can have, start to add the details to BB8.

I used a pencil and after a paintbrush very, very small.

Again, use the... patience and look at as many pictures as possible...

and your BB8 will be perfect.

Step 3: Congratulations!

Picture of Congratulations!

You now have your BB8...

Enjoy it!

Step 4: And Yet It Moves... and It Makes Some Noise :-)

The video shows a RC motorized version, just to make Lego Rey figure happier ;-)

If you'd like to check what device power BB8, take a look at this Instructable...

I received a comment that was suggesting to add the sounds, so, here they are.

When I've finished to make the static model, I felt horrible every time I was looking at it...

BB8 has to move... in some way!
Considering the time taken to make the motorized Lego version of BB8 and because I do respect the work of the engineers who have created the original BB-8,

I would strongly recommend to buy the toy made by Sphero.

That Company made an amazing job in putting so many technological features in such a little space.

Well done! As soon as I have a bit of money to splash out, I'll buy one!

May the force bb8 with you.


WarOnBricks (author)2016-02-11

it looks really good! Perhaps a sound box located in its head for both stabiliztaion and sound FX?

RC Lover san (author)WarOnBricks2016-02-11

The head has to be light as much as possible, otherwise it will generate a momentum that tilts BB8 downwards (trust me, I did a lot of tests :-)

I would definitely place the sound unit close as much as possible to the COG (the lower, the better).

If you like this Lego version of BB8, please vote:


WarOnBricks (author)RC Lover san2016-02-11

okay, that seems reasonable. Perhaps it could be located in the most secure area, and having sensors that will perhaps make a noise when the head goes to much forward or too fast. Keep up the great work! Loving it! Better than my R2 from 2012 I built before I knew this website. It could only move forward and backwards and consisted of a bucket and some cars, Lol. Nice engineering, and have voted.

RC Lover san (author)WarOnBricks2016-06-19

I always finish what I start!

Yonatan24 (author)2016-01-31

Hi, I've added your project to the "Homemade Star Wars BB-8's!" Collection

This is the link If you are interested:

RC Lover san (author)Yonatan242016-02-06

Many thanks for that!

If also you'd like to vote for this project on Lego Ideas website:

you are more than welcome.

We need to reach the daunting number of 10,000 likes, just to be "considered" by Lego.

Thanks in advance for your support!

darien687 made it! (author)2016-01-28

cool hung

RC Lover san (author)darien6872016-01-28

Well done! This BB8 looks stunning!

I guess that if Lego decides to make a product out of my version (printing the BB8 design on the sphere), building mine it is going to be much easier :-)

I've also developed a bit of electronics to make my Lego version fully functional.

Anyway, in my opinion you should submit your model to Lego...

Good luck!

Oops!!! I saw that you have already submitted this project.

Good Luck and, of course, may the force be with you.

darien687 (author)2016-01-28

hey i made one with my dad it was hard

darien687 (author)2016-01-28

i tried making bb8 but it was hard

NinjaThatIsNotANinja (author)2016-01-06

Can u put it next to a Lego character for a size comparison

I've posted a picture for a size comparison (with the mini-figures).

Anyway I believe my version of BB-8 would be the perfect match for the new Lego Star Wars action figures (which measure around 20cm of height).

I'll post a picture tomorrow.

To have a rough idea please take a look at this link...

TheCraftMaster419 (author)2016-01-07

Wow this looks great, but it looks like it is gonna take a while. Good thing I have time! :-)

Just4Fun Media (author)2016-01-06

Great looking model! How long did it take to paint? It looks super time consuming.

Have a great day! :-)

It took a good 3 hours of painting, but not because of the 6 orange rings (having made the templates before it was an easy task). The problem was that I wanted to be accurate as much as possible, therefore the finishing touches to the details of the panels were literally a never ending story.

WolfMaster333 (author)2016-01-06

Coolio! =P

RC Lover san (author)2016-01-06

Thanks for featuring my project and for your tips.

May the...

patience (if you'd like to make this version of BB-8 :-)

be with you.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-01-06

Great BB-8 model. You should enter it in the Sci-Fi contest.

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