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This is my 2nd instructible and my first was a TARDIS made out of the same kind of clay so if you enjoyed making this one feel free to check it out ;)

Step 1: Make the Clay

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2 c. salt
2/3 c. water
1 c. cornstarch
1/2 c. cold water
Mix salt and water; heat 3 to 4 minutes. Remove from heat and add remaining ingredients. Stir quickly. Heat if too thin. This hardens and can be painted

Step 2: Materials

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All you need is:
-Duct tape
-Paper(doesn't matter what color)
-corn starch
-paint (if you want)

Step 3: Body

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What you need to do is crumple up one piece of paper and crumple another around it until you get your desired size of body for BB-8.

Step 4: Head

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Crumple up another piece until you get the desired shape for the head

Step 5: Duct Tape

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Completely in case your body and head in duct tape to make it sturdy

Step 6: Put Together

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Duct tape them together so that it looks somewhat like BB-8

Step 7: Sculpt

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In case BB-8 with the clay you made earlier and sculpt out his details

Step 8: Paint

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I don't paint my instructible so but you can feel free
Any kind of paint works.

Enjoy! :D


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Bio: My name is Randy Geiger and I Just love building with just about anything I can get my hands on.
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