I will show you how to make a BB gun from a nerf gun

Step 1: Get the Components

Nerf gun
Nerf bullet

Step 2: Ct the Top Off the Bullet

Step 3: Slide the Pen Through TheBullet

Step 4: Cut the Rest of the Pen Off

Step 5: Slide the Bullet in TheGun

Step 6: Put Glue Round the Edge

Step 7: Let It Dry Overnight

Step 8: This Is What It Should LookLike

Step 9: Costimises It If YouWant

How does one load it? Just drop a bb down the barrel?<br>
Hi sorry I would love to however I don't have bb bullets. But I do know that it works with foil rolled up
<p> it shoots</p>
<p>could u make a video showing it shooting so i can see if is worth making?</p>

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