BB Gun Darts (Very Cheap and Easy)




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Introduction: BB Gun Darts (Very Cheap and Easy)

I am not reliable for any injures caused by these darts. Use at your own risk, and take proper safety precautions.

Step 1: Materials

You will need -nails -capri sun straw -super glue -scissors -wire cutters

Step 2: Building Darts

First, cut off the head of the nails with the wire cutters. The nails should be cut to about 1/2-1 inch. Then, cut the straw to about 1 inch. Glue the end of the nails into the straw and let them dry. The darts should be about 1-1 1/2 inches long.

Step 3: Loading and Shooting

Simply slide the dart down your bb gun barrel and pump it up. Make sure no bbs are loaded. The darts have an effective range of about 10 feet, but they are still fun. Using a daisy powerline 880, i shot almost completely through an apple. The images show the entrance and the nail sticking through the back of the apple. Once the darts are shot, however, they cannot be reused. The power of impact usually breaks the straw off of the nail.



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