Picture of BB Gun Hunting Pellets
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I have several chickens, and their coop is infested with mice. I transformed my flat headed lead pellets into sharp hunting pellets. Bbs and flat nosed pellets wouldn't always kill the mice with one shot ( they are fairly big), but these pellets almost always get the job done with a single shot. The materials needed are: -flat nosed pellets -small headed nails -wire cutters - super glue I am not reliable for any injuries or damage caused by these pellets.
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Step 1: Cutting the Nails

Picture of Cutting the Nails
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Using the wire cutters, cut the nails right near the head. The wire cutters do not cut the nails evenly, so a sharp edge is left on the nail near the head. The picture with the pellet shows what the cut nail should look like (left). Make sure to keep the end of the nail with the head.

Step 2: Attaching the Nail to the Pellet

Picture of Attaching the Nail to the Pellet
Simply apply a drop of glue onto the pellet, and put the nail on. Let it completely dry, and the pellets are ready to use.

Step 3: Firing

Picture of Firing
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Put the pellet into the bb gun chamber, pump up, and fire. The pictures of the powerade bottle shows the damage. The first picture shows the damage of a normal pellet (left) which did not quite penetrate the bottle, and on the right is the hole from the hunting pellet which went through both sides of the bottle. The second image shows its exit hole. For both pellets, i used a daisy 880 on 10 pumps. Make sure you are firing in a safe direction and always wear eye protection.

I like the idea but wouldn`t it harm the rifling of the barrel?

buskrat1 year ago
It's just me but I'd take less knock down and have a move accurate shot cause no matter how much knock down power you have its only worth anything if you can place it where you need it.
as far as ballistics go i can only see these decreasing accuracy and velocity. but i will give you the increased penetration, its just that if you want more damage\knockdown (for mice?) then use softer lead pellets or a hollow point for increased expansion