BB Gun Target





Introduction: BB Gun Target

Make a target that shoots out flour when you hit it with your airsoft/bb/pellet gun.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Things you need:

aluminum foil
ping pong ball or a small ball
water bottle

Step 2: Making the Mould

Take the ping pong ball and wrap it half way up in aluminum foil.

Then take the ping pong ball out without destroying the mould so you have a small indent.

Step 3: Adding the Flour

fill the indent with flour, then take the spoon and compress the flour as much as possible.

Step 4: Folding

Close up the flour hole by folding the aluminum sheet in half, then continue folding over...

then fold over the right side and then the left side.

you will then have a small packet, compress it as much as you can, the foil will withstand you pressing down on it.

once your done with all of that, at this point you can use it as shatter target, throw it up in the air and shoot at it, i'll explode if you have a high enough fps. the next steps make it a bit more stable and it wont explode as easily. but its a great target.

Step 5: More Foil

Take a samller sheet of aluminum foil than you used before, place the packet of flour you made and put it on top of the foil towards the top.

then fold over each side,scrunch up the strip haning off the packet, then fold that over 2 times, dont compress this part too much because you want a snug fit.

Step 6: FIRE!

set the stub of the packet inside the water bottle, you may want to fill the water bottle with water to make it stable and not fall over in the wind, then just shoot it and big puff of flour will come out, after you shoot it, you may want to compress the flour again to get another big puff of flour.

i couldnt get a picture of the puff of the flour but i got a picture of what it looks like after you shoot it.



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i just got a airsoft gun and the target blew out haha

this thing is so fun to pop bbs into i just got done making one

Use non dairy creamer, and tape a lit match to the hole, then when shot, whoosh a big fireball comes out.

to make a different coulerd use a cheap make up set and grind the hard stuff and mix it with the flower

you could make1 big ball and then thow it in the air and shoot it then it would be like a clay pigeon

Any Idea How To Get The BB's Out Of The Foil If You Use A Bigger Scale Version of This Without The Flour Staying On The Bullets, For Reuse, Coz Im Cheep

just blow the flour off or wash them and dry em with a hair dryer

Use Sugar For The Filling Then Open It up And Empty It Into Bottle/ Tub Of Water
Wala The Sugar Dissolves

or you could eat the sugar. yum. :P

lol i love sugar but dont forget about worms you can get them if you can eat too much sugar