Picture of BB Machine Gun(NOT AIRSOFT!!!!!)
This BB machine gun is powered by an air compressor and can shoot about 500 BB's in a couple of min. Fairly accurate and has a range of about 200 feet!!! Slices, dices, and rips em' new ones!

Step 1: The parts

Picture of The parts
First off, this is not an easy build, it takes patience and craftsmanship to get it all together.

The parts I used on this gun are pvc pipes (rated at least 400 PSI!)Including the pvc drain trap and all reducers/splicers.

All of the brass fittings need to be npt(national pipe thread)I used 3/4".

As for the stock and the barrel, the came off an old pump action bb gun, but those were just to make it cooler.

The trigger is a blow gun, and the laser sight is optional.

The most important part of this is the VORTEC BLOCK, which itself takes some time to make.
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kelms11 month ago
The ones in the Civil War I believe was steam powered
kelms11 month ago
In electric motor has been tried in the past and work very well as a matter fact larger ones were built during Civil War and shop marble size balls! Can you say meat grinder ! Lol
Definitely something you don't want to be down range of
kelms11 month ago
But here's another idea as far as being silent try using a small electric motor some of them spin extremely fast
kelms11 month ago
My advice is to forget the silencer it wouldn't be worth the headaches
~FROGYOU~9 months ago
Pvc itself shouldn't be taken far above 100-120PSI. DWV (drain waste ventilation) is even worse as far as pressure ratings. Most DWV fittings such as the one you used as the chamber isn't suitable for pressure at all. Those types of parts aren't quite made for pressure applications. Be safe!
Dr.Bill6 years ago
Well there's a lot of things that are different between our countries. You should come to Rye, NY and visit a place called "Play Land". Inside Play Land you can find a little booth to shoot co2 powered BB Guns that are machine guns but they are Co2 powered. A gas powered machine. No flaming powder. They are classified as AIR GUNS and as such do not use Fire. They shoot. However if you are talking expressely in terms of Silencers being Legal For Guns, the answer is No. Originally I thought there was discussion as to weather or not this BB Gun was a fire arm. Clearly it is not. It uses compressed to a tank gas to shoot. At any rate it looks like a fun Toy. You should not use a silencer with it. Rats will never know what hit them. Bye!
Ranie-K Dr.Bill2 years ago
My personal understanding is that you legally CAN suppress it in the US as long as the suppressing part is not removable.
Dude if you want a silencer in the U.S. You can apply to the BATF for licencing. Its pretty much the same requirements as for manufacture of firearms.Or so I found while I was there. You can do the same thing here in Australia except the requirements are stricter. Also Australians beware airsoft and air/co2 powered weapons are legally classified as firearms so if you want to use this stuff please be on the lookout for the johnnies
mr.pizza3 years ago
im 13 i under stand all the cocepts and engineering of the design but due to my age some parts are hard to come by could i substitute some of the parts and maybe funnel the entrance for the bbs in the vortex to reduce jamming?
mr.pizza3 years ago
im 13 i under stand all the cocepts and engineering of the design but due to my age some parts are hard to come by could i substitute some of the parts and maybe funnel the entrance for the bbs in the vortex to reduce jamming?
wcs8733 years ago
Same project can be found at burntlatke.com. Hope this helps everyone.
wcs873 wcs8733 years ago
Sorry the path is: burntlatke.com ==> Build Your Own ===> BB Machine Gun (pneumatic)
Ianman (author)  wcs8733 years ago
Which is mentioned in step 2.

Click on the hyperlink "vortex block".
TSC5 years ago
Nice 5stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ianman (author)  TSC3 years ago
TSC Ianman3 years ago
Your welcome!
Aron3133 years ago
Make a video. Some guns that i made with plans offline didnt fire far or ran out quickly
Ianman (author)  Aron3133 years ago
There is a video right under the main pic and description.
Aron313 Ianman3 years ago
ok thanks
What did u use for your vortex block?
Ianman (author)  Billy mahony6 years ago
Bondo, read the inst.
it looks like a solid chunk of copper or bronze.
Ianman (author)  Billy mahony3 years ago
Copper BB's will discolor it.
skidoo6 years ago
Neat project and all, I guess. But 500 RPM? That's only like 8 shots a second. And what sort of muzzle velocity are we talking? I dunno, 24+ rounds-per-second (1440 RPM) is nothing for a decent airsoft gun shooting .25 gram BBs, and I don't see why you couldn't push steel BBs at the same rate. Especially if you're using an air compressor and a vortex block. More thorough instructions would be nice, so we could more precisely suggest how to improve your rate of of fire. "A" for effort though! :-)
Ianman (author)  skidoo3 years ago
8 Shots a second sounds like to much?
Watch the video. And listen...
would a gravity fed magazine work instead of the vortex block? I'm thinking about a pen tube filled with bbs.
Ianman (author)  guitarmonk153 years ago
It is already gravity fed...
adrian095 years ago
do u hav a video of the whole process? or more detailed ones..
Ianman (author)  adrian093 years ago
Nope, going to have to use your imagination.
Does anyone have any ideas on running this off a CO2 tank, Making it more portable.I have no idea on how to regulate the flow? pressure, any help would be great.
Ianman (author)  Billy mahony3 years ago
No, you need a high CFPS rate that only a big air compressor tank can accommodate.
Do you mean running it on something like a co2 bike tire inflator? Because I had that EXACT same idea. I'm guessing it would work pretty well, but I have never tried it.
I was thinking something slightly larger (Paintball tank) but yeah, annything light and portable, how fast do you think the flow is on a tire inflator, my guess is pretty low, but it should work.
Get a CO2 regulator. Look on amazon, or ebay.
prop master4 years ago
could you modify this for airsoft
Ianman (author)  prop master3 years ago
As long as the barrel was the correct internal diameter, but why wuss the gun up like that?
Hi, could i power this with 8 gram co2 catridges?
Ianman (author)  rocketman2173 years ago
were is the other part
Ianman (author)  besty12625353 years ago
Did you mean *where is the other part*?
What other part?
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