Introduction: BB PEN

In this instructable you will learn how to make a powerful BBs pen launcher.
This is not a toy, never shoot to a person or animal.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Here are the materials that you will need to make it:
1.- Pen
2.- Party popper
3.- Some BBs
Hot glue gun

Step 2: Disarm the Pen

Step 3: Disarm the Party Popper

You need to disarm the party popper to get the little explosive part.

Step 4: Put It All Together

First you need to pass the explosive part of the party popper through the little part of the pen.
Then you need to put a little of hot glue on the explosive part, and put the BB on the top of it.
 Now assemble the pen and put around it tape so the pen wouldnt explode.
If you want you can put tape and put the rope down it, this is like a secure so the pen wouldnt fire accidentaly.
Now your pen is ready to fire.
REMEMBER: Never shot this weapon to people it is dangerous.



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    Can you use super glue instead

    dude I dont care im using this in bb battles I know ppl with bb guns a lot more powerful than that lol

    or could you have a plastic one with duct tape

    would the tip need to be metal

    it must be powerful if it made a hole in your wall and where do you get the party popper

    2 replies

    I get the party popper in Party city

    is there a party city in rochester NY?

    may i borrow your pen? thanks. (write...write) what is this stupid string?! (pull)
    bang OUCH

    2 replies

    but won't the bb fragment?
    you could use ball bearings.

    Totaly Devious. Great for getting you through that Christmas Crowd better than a cattle prod !

    I´m being positive and constructive, ok, here goes my question...

    But how can you shoot?

    1 reply

    I saw something like this but the BBs were inside the party popper

    No, I speak spanish but I know english

    Me di cuenta por algunos ligeros detalles de traducción. Haz lo siguiente: traduce "ida y vuelta" con Google Translator u otro similar. Eso ayuda mucho a detectar esas cosas.