This will help reloading much faster and you will only need a few house hold items.

Step 1: Items

You don't need very much:

- Film case

- Normal pen

- Tape ( i used duct tape)

-Scissors/ Knife (there is no picture for the knife)


Step 2: Creating the Case

Cut a hole in the lid of the film case. (see picture 1 to see were to cut)

Now take apart the pen. (all you need is the cap)

Cut the pen cap at the very top and the long piece that hands off.

Place the pen cap in the hole of the film cap and then tape it so it will hold, put the film cap bach on.

It should now look like picture 3

Step 3: Load Your Ammo

Now take off the cap and pour in some BB's

To load your clip just pour the BB's out the pen barrel and into the clip.

( you may need to shake it for the BB's to come out)

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Hate to be a debbie downer... but this is pretty much the same as my idea. <br /> <br /> https://www.instructables.com/id/A-good-airsoft-BB-loader-for-under-%241/<br /> <br /> Try to search for your idea before you make an instructable in order to avoid posting redundant ones. <br />
three words "USE A SPEED LOADER"
This is cheaper!
serously buy a speed loader for a couple of quid cos u get it full wth bbs anyway
sharlston! three words for you, "that is four words"
dang you got me lol
It's a magazine not a clip, good instructable. Not saying this to be mean or anything but I personally find things like these to slow down reloading due to feed issues (lots of bb's trying to get down the same hole) and i find it easier to put them into a water bottle and hand load or pour into (in the case of hicaps) the "hopper" (proper name anyone?) 5*
the water bottle is a good idea too
was using it today, gut my hicap reload time by around a minute
my 50 round lowcap mag reload time with a speedloader: 00:4 (four seconds)<br/><br/><em>yay</em> <sub>this is cool</sub> ..what..<br/>
<em>HOPPER</em> <sub>is correct</sub><br/>

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