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A short instructable, how to make a BB storage box.

Step 1: Take a Box

This moddel of box is easy to get (for me) and verry portable.

You will need to soak the box in water to remove the label.
This is done in 2 minutes.

Step 2: Done

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Dry it with a plaid and fill it with BBs!

You can hang it on a belt or something like that, and fast fill your BB-gun.

I used it for my BB-gun.


serverdown (author)2011-06-06

What type of canister is this? Does it have a screw on or snap close lid?

i like diy (author)serverdown2011-06-06

Hi serverdown, it is an canister for vitamin pills (from the Aldi, a german shop). It is a snap close lid, but it doesn't realy matter what kind of lid it is as long as it will fit your gun.

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