BB8 Lip Art





Introduction: BB8 Lip Art

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Step 1: BB8

Using white body paint I did the basic shape of BB8

Step 2: Ground

Using brown body paint I filled in the bottom half of my lip.

Step 3: Moon

Taking yellow I made a moon on my top lip.

Step 4: Night Sky

Taking a black body paint I filled in the rest of my lips.

Step 5: Details

Taking blue, purple, and pink eyeshadow I patted it randomly on my lips.

Step 6: Details

Taking white I filled in half of the moon, and then taking yellow I added some dots around the sky, then I took white and added small dot around the sky as well. Then I also took that white and added little plus signs to look like twinkly stars.

Step 7: BB8 Detail

Using black I added some details onto bb8, then I took orange circles to the body and used gray to connect them. Then taking black I added some shadows.


  • Nice work with the o...-ArianaSLabus

    ArianaSLabus made it!


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