Introduction: BB/Pellet Gun Guide

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The first BB guns were introduced in the 1500's for rich people. Through the years since then, BB guns have become widely used and loved. In this guide, I will provide proper cleaning tips, safety, and selection on BB and Pellet guns.

Step 1: Safety

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1. Never shoot at anyone or anything.
2. Wear eye protection.
3. Make sure you know what is behind your target.
4. Don't shoot a gun that has not been inspected/ taken care of.

Step 2: Cleaning Tips

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To clean a BB/Pellet gun, I use a cleaning agent/kit made exactly for BB guns. I then use an air duster (compressed air) that is not greasy to finish off.

Step 3: Selection

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-Break Barrel
Powerful, higher price point, single shot, louder, harder to set, holds one bullet

Single shot, holds multiple bb's, must pump a lot, weak, cheapest, best for beginners

Powerful, expensive, requires co2, no pumping, can revovle around, holds more bullets, single shot, good for anyone except younger kids

Step 4: Comments

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jacktforlyfe (author)2017-06-30

Thank you for giving a some information on air gun pellets! I've looking into the different kinds, but I didn't know there were "break barrel" pellets. I'll have to remember the different molds when I go to get some.

calskin (author)2016-09-14

I'd be interested in some 1322 mods.

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