I started this instructable with an old BBQ...(love my wife who got me a new one)...any way back to the project...i wanted a side burner for awhile now for no good reason i can think of BUT had managed to aquire a couple of camp gas stoves and thought it would be a nice easy job and would maybe tweak the old BBQ and keep it out the back for a reserve or something...any way here we go .

Step 1:

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i used a jiggsaw for this job 
Does anyone actually use a side burner?

Yes. I use my side burner to light my charcoal chimney :-)

Beans !
mcommane (author)  mr.incredible4 years ago
im sure there is a reason for them...havnt figured it out yet....maybe rotisserie could be a similar tool that warrants a similar Q?
DanteDante3 years ago
I use a side burner!

The dinkus that built my house did not vent the range hood outdoors (it pretty much just blows the smoke over your head), so when I blacken fish and chicken, I do it on the side burner of the grill so as not to fill the house with smoke.
wagoneer3 years ago
^positive comments!^ I think a little extra cooking space is always a good idea. I'm researching for the build of my ideal BBQ and all input is useful. This has given me more ideas.