This is how to make a barbecue hot dog/hot dog jerky. First, I would like to point out that this was inspired by user TimAndersons Hot Dog Jerky instructable but with some modifications. This is a simple way to make a simple snack. Also, this is not the best picture of the final product, it just looks a little weird because I made it as jerky and decided to put it in a bun. You could just cut slits in the hot dog and marinate it instead.

Step 1: Materials/Ingredients

Just about everything you will need:
-Hot dog/s (however many you want, I'm just making one)
-Buns (if you prefer)
-BBQ sauce or a sauce of your choice
-Aluminum Foil (not completely necessary, that is, if you don't mind having bbq sauce in your toaster oven
-Toaster Oven (you could use sunlight instead, but I just prefer a toaster oven)
-A bowl/mixing bowl
-A knife
-A plate
A microwave toaster?How about a microwaveoventoaster?
I just did it with some Sweet&Sour sauce from McDonald's I had laying around. Not bad, not bad at all.
I love beef jerky, never tried hot dog jerky. looks good<br>
I'm lazy so extra dishes = Bad. Skip the bowl, put the dogs in the foil and pour on the sauce. Then afterwards you can burn the faces off your friends with your BBQ/napalm and have another tasty treat!!<br/>
Good idea it lokks supa fly dinkin flicka o and you know who this is

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