Picture of BBQ Hot Dog/Jerky
This is how to make a barbecue hot dog/hot dog jerky. First, I would like to point out that this was inspired by user TimAndersons Hot Dog Jerky instructable but with some modifications. This is a simple way to make a simple snack. Also, this is not the best picture of the final product, it just looks a little weird because I made it as jerky and decided to put it in a bun. You could just cut slits in the hot dog and marinate it instead.
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Step 1: Materials/Ingredients

Picture of Materials/Ingredients
Just about everything you will need:
-Hot dog/s (however many you want, I'm just making one)
-Buns (if you prefer)
-BBQ sauce or a sauce of your choice
-Aluminum Foil (not completely necessary, that is, if you don't mind having bbq sauce in your toaster oven
-Toaster Oven (you could use sunlight instead, but I just prefer a toaster oven)
-A bowl/mixing bowl
-A knife
-A plate

Step 2: Cutting slices/slits

Picture of Cutting slices/slits
Depending on whether you want jerky or a BBQ hot dog, cut accordingly. I cut it like jerky, but decided in the end to put it in all in a bun, like a BBQ hot dog.

For Jerky: Slice the hot dog into about 4 slices (try to make them somewhat thin)

For BBQ hot dog: Take the hot dog and make slits about a centimeter or so apart, without cutting to the center (other wise when you do the same on the other side, you might cut completely through) and do the same on the other side

Step 3: Marinating preparation

Picture of Marinating preparation
Now you need to prepare to marinate the hot dog. I just used BBQ sauce because it was simple, but you can mix your own if you want.

Step 4: Before Marinating

Picture of Before Marinating
Before you marinate the hot dog, you should get your foil ready. The foil is so that the BBQ sauce won't drip into your toaster oven. I recommend making it into a box-like shape like I did, so the sides can stop any possible leakage of sauce. Note: The sides don't have to be very high.
james43 years ago
A microwave toaster?How about a microwaveoventoaster?
cecilomar3 years ago
I just did it with some Sweet&Sour sauce from McDonald's I had laying around. Not bad, not bad at all.
Screamo4 years ago
I love beef jerky, never tried hot dog jerky. looks good
vandal11386 years ago
I'm lazy so extra dishes = Bad. Skip the bowl, put the dogs in the foil and pour on the sauce. Then afterwards you can burn the faces off your friends with your BBQ/napalm and have another tasty treat!!
Good idea it lokks supa fly dinkin flicka o and you know who this is