Picture of BBQ-PDQ: OgreBurgers
This is a mighty good burger that is sure to keep those pesky little humans out of your swamp!

In a nutshell: this could be confused with a mini-meatloaf. What is so great about this burger is that you can put all kinds of goodies in it without worry about half of them falling out of your bun! You can enjoy it like 1lb burger but only feel the guilt of eating a 1/4 pounder!

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Suggested Ingredients:

Laura's Lean Ground Beef (for a very tasty and healthy burger)
Fresh Onion
Fresh garlic
Canned Jalapenos
Green olives
Whole wheat bun

Suggested tools:
Sharp Knife
Mesquite or Hickory
Tin Can
garlic press
wax paper
Zetheros6 years ago
Heh, the meat was not defrosted in time for dinner, so I turned the ogre to the consistency of sloppy joe.
Zetheros6 years ago
Nice instructable! It was funny and easy to follow at the same time. Thawing the burger to make a few ogres tonight.
Meroki6 years ago
lol xD it reminds me of Chowder x3
Sunny1246137 years ago
OOOOH I dony even think i could get a mouthful before thinking about some poor ogre i am eating right now..... but 5/5 stars!
Adapt, man! The fate of the burger-eating world depends on it! lol
mason01907 years ago
Mmmmm... 20 pounds of meat on one scrawny bun. Send in the backup!
finfan77 years ago
I would guess that tis is considerably more tasty than a regular ogre.
Na, ogres are quite good. Don't you ever wonder what the meat in a Big Mac is?
I always thought it was 60% beef (the legal minimum that they can still call beef) and 40% "stuff."
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
That first picture scares me, I don't like my food to look at me :-)
zaro123457 years ago
Very nice Instructable. I am just gonna have to try this next bbq I have. Thx! (favorited)
I love this! What a great idea. I think, the person feeling guilty eating such a great burger must be a very boring person.
Big Bwana7 years ago
And there I was thinking it was the first Cat burger ible from looking at the picture, I'll never get rid of my cats at this rate .... Great Ible.... the kids will love this (( just buggin about the kitties ))
joey25426677 years ago
i can tell from the top bun that you smashed it down really hard!
cloates7 years ago
An ogle-able, edible orge! Slick.
BartSimpson7 years ago
...uhhh... I swear that is the biggest burger I have ever seen... I am tempted to call it the Obese-Burger... because that is one HUGE burger, man...nice job...
Darren.7 years ago
let me guess.. you were watching shrek last night on TNT
ecogeeko (author)  Yerboogieman7 years ago
No, but i must have seen it at least 200 times, (my wife used to like to fall asleep watching it).
That is a mighty fine looking burger!