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Well the BBQ season started in the UK and so i dug out my trusty BBQ only to find it had been sat outside all winter minus it's cover so was looking rather worse for wear!

It was heavily rusted and looking rather sorry for itself, i considered ditching it but then thought it was worth trying to rescue. It could have still been used but not sure on the quality of the food with all the rust on there as inside was quite rusted too.

Step 1: Strip Down and Sand.

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I started to hand sand the outside and quickly realised that it was going to take longer than i thought and if i was going to have any chance of it looking good i needed to strip it all down. I then proceeded to strip it apart, i was quite pleased that it was mostly screwed and bolted together which was perfect.

After fully stripping it i continued to sand by hand as well as an electric hand sander. Once fully sanded i gave it a clean to ensure that no rust particles and dust were on there as the spray paint wouldn't take otherwise.

I then proceeded to paint gradually building up the layers, i got a little impatient at one point and did get some drips but managed to keep them to a minimum.

The paint i used was specific heat resistant paint as standard spray paint won't fare too well!! It's available at lots of places but i got mine at bandq, the specific one is here.

Step 2: Finished Product

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After it was dried i then fully reassembled it and i have to say i'm impressed with the finished product as it looks like new. I need to give it a burn inside prior to it being used in anger so just waiting for some more good weather which is few and far between in the UK!

This wasn't a huge project by any means but i put this up more just to show that it's sometimes worth a bit of elbow grease and work rather than just replace.


ColinH4 (author)2015-05-19

I used a good old wire brush and elbow grease for the grill which worked well although mine was not so much rusted as the grill in stainless. Those car rugs are great, we've two down in the conservatory, little ones love them.

Sufyan Ahmed (author)2015-05-19

I also hv this carpet in my house
well the idea was great.:-)

cwright15 (author)2015-05-12

Nice finally links to English hardware store's! What did you do to clean the grill rack? Mine is really rusted.

seamster (author)2015-05-12

This turned out looking sharp!

Two great projects right in a row-very nicely done! :)

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