Step 5: Temperature and Time for Spareribs

Keep the heat at about 220 degrees( F) to 225 degrees. For you lucky people out there with top and bottom vents on your smokers this control is pretty easy. After you load the charcoals in to the fire box, the bottom vent regulates how hot the coals will burn. A wide open bottom vent will make the smoker hot. Shut down the air to the coals and the smoker cools down.
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Is there any suggestions on a replacement for the sugar ?
Removing the membrane was a touch of genius! I've always preferred slow smoking my ribs but that little change made a big difference in getting the smokey flavor ALL the way through the meat! <br>Thanks for posting it.
the rub is an awesome combination of ingredients. I will be trying it soon. I can already taste it.I agree with removing the membrane although some chefs are now leaving it on claiming it holds in moisture. To each their own right.
One good way for BBQ ribs is to wrap them in aluminum foil. Then let them cook about 45 - 60 minutes. For nicer look just 30 sec on high heat BBQ without foil. If you get to choose ribs, pick the ones with thinner bones. That means the animal was younger and meat is better.
If your gonna use the foil method, also known as the &quot;crutch&quot;, add a cup of apple juice in the foil. This will mix with the fat and dry rub drippings making an awesome juice. Add some maple syrup and a little water to this juice and simmer and reduce to one third and use this to brush onto the ribs for the last 15 minutes or so of cooking. All I can say is awesome!
In the winter when I can't get to my smoker I found a recipe from Americas Test Kitchen for doing ribs in an oven. I really can't call it BBQ, but it does help with the BBQ withdrawal pains.
The yellow mustard you use in this step, is it English mustard or the stuff we call American burger mustard (much milder and sweeter it has to be said)
It's burger mustard, or what I've heard referred to as baby poo mustard. The mustard actually cooks away and you don't taste it. The english mustard is what Chinese mustard (hot) is made from. I think this would not cook out and overpower the product. By the way if you want to make chinese mustard, take equal portions of the mustard and water and let it sit for 15 minutes (for maximum hot) and then add a bit of white vinegar to hold the mustard at that heat level.
These RIBS taste great....I know for a fact he has cooked them for me before... Love Ya Michael
Great looking BBQ Ribs........................this is the winner.
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To reinforce what the writer is saying; Put the meat bone side down. This applies to ribs or chicken. This allows the skin/fatty side to drip down.
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Most people forget this step! Do this and your guests will, unknowingly, be very appreciative you did!
Sweet, I made ribs last Friday on my modified ECB Smoker. I used way to much cumin in the rub recipe i used. this was my 1st time smoking ribs and i learned that cumin is gross and over powering. Never again. I'll try your rub recipe next time but leave out the chili powder and use crushed red pepper instead. I should do a how to on modifying the brinkmann smoker. Adding a vent on the lid is extremely easy. i did all my mods for around 20 bucks.
That's great. The top vent though pretty much controls how the smoke flows over the product cooking. Wide open you get a lot of smoke flowing. I was thinking of modifying mine with a bottom vent of some kind. That way I could put more coal on and have it last longer by burning slower. It would have to be something that surrounded the entire smoker and could be raised or lowered to adjust temp. Thanks for the praise.
Where does the smoke come from?
The smoke comes from the charcoal, which is only wood burned in the absence of oxygen. If you wanted, you could add hickory, mesquete of whatever by making foil packets of soaked woodchips (see my other instructable on Sliceable Picnic Ham)
Looks pretty good.
Then by all means, please rate me high. Don't know if you noticed but after so many years of service my smoker is on the way out. I sure could use that Weber Mountain cooker prize. Thanks

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