Listen, I know this sounds a little bit crazy, but it is really good, trust me on this one. Once you make this and try it, you will know what i mean.

Step 1: Preparation!

First you will need your standard cooking oil spray to spray the cooking pan with. And you will need a pizza, (any pizza will do, even one that you just made yourself.) so thats all you need to make a BBQ pizza, but you will also need your barbecue.
a good style of pizza for it to be super bbq pizza is bbq sauce instead of pizza sauce with bacon instead of pepperoni i make one just about every month and its AMAZING
that sounds amassing
i just set a floor tile on the grill and cook on that it works as a cutting board to
lolol pizza on the rocks
Similar story. One time my family and I were making pizza's from scratch and our oven broke! we fired up the grill and cooked them that way. Best Pizza Period!
I know, its just amazing. I would be forever grateful if a bbq place or girll place. Or whatever made this.
A couple years back we lost power for about 8 hours, so my brother and I broke out the grill and a frozen pizza. We tossed it directly on the grill though, which works great. Low heat and give it a couple minutes. It really works well. Nowadays I pick up a package of Pizza Formaggio (the box with 4 small pizzas in it) from Trader Joe's, toss on 4 slices of pepperoni to each and toss that on the grill. That's good stuff.
Yeah man, you find it pretty good? BBQ pizza is one of the best pizza I ever tasted. They should put it in restaurants.
excellent idea using rocks , a green solution.
Thanks for your comment. And I always strive to be more environmentally friendly.
lol pizza on tha rocks
LOL is it me? that looks a LOT like a digorno freezer pizza or how ever u spell..heh {Its not delivery, Its BBQ!} nice
yeah, it is a dellissio pizza lol, i cant believe you noticed
Very nice.
I'm guessing the rocks are just to raise the pan further off the coals? Maybe for more air flow? Personally I like to use a pizza stone, Ive had mine for 10yrs and it usually stays in the oven (it adds mass and evens out heat flucuations)

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