BBQ Pizza





Introduction: BBQ Pizza

Listen, I know this sounds a little bit crazy, but it is really good, trust me on this one. Once you make this and try it, you will know what i mean.

Step 1: Preparation!

First you will need your standard cooking oil spray to spray the cooking pan with. And you will need a pizza, (any pizza will do, even one that you just made yourself.) so thats all you need to make a BBQ pizza, but you will also need your barbecue.

Step 2: Cooking Your Pizza

First, you put your rocks on the BBQ, (pic 1) and you put your pan on top of the rocks. (pic 2) The cooking will take around 15 - 20 minutes, just keep checking the bottom of the pizza.

Step 3: The Finished Product

okay, here is what your pizza should look like at the end, picture 1. And picture 2 shows the bottom of the pizza. So have fun enjoying your pizza!



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    a good style of pizza for it to be super bbq pizza is bbq sauce instead of pizza sauce with bacon instead of pepperoni i make one just about every month and its AMAZING

    1 reply

    that sounds amassing

    i just set a floor tile on the grill and cook on that it works as a cutting board to

    lolol pizza on the rocks

    Similar story. One time my family and I were making pizza's from scratch and our oven broke! we fired up the grill and cooked them that way. Best Pizza Period!

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    I know, its just amazing. I would be forever grateful if a bbq place or girll place. Or whatever made this.

    A couple years back we lost power for about 8 hours, so my brother and I broke out the grill and a frozen pizza. We tossed it directly on the grill though, which works great. Low heat and give it a couple minutes. It really works well. Nowadays I pick up a package of Pizza Formaggio (the box with 4 small pizzas in it) from Trader Joe's, toss on 4 slices of pepperoni to each and toss that on the grill. That's good stuff.

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    Yeah man, you find it pretty good? BBQ pizza is one of the best pizza I ever tasted. They should put it in restaurants.

    excellent idea using rocks , a green solution.

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    Thanks for your comment. And I always strive to be more environmentally friendly.

    LOL is it me? that looks a LOT like a digorno freezer pizza or how ever u spell..heh {Its not delivery, Its BBQ!} nice

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    yeah, it is a dellissio pizza lol, i cant believe you noticed

    I'm guessing the rocks are just to raise the pan further off the coals? Maybe for more air flow? Personally I like to use a pizza stone, Ive had mine for 10yrs and it usually stays in the oven (it adds mass and evens out heat flucuations)