Picture of BE the Hottest Toy of The Year - The Rainbow Loom
Rainbow Loom is wildly popular in America right now - and especially in my house.  My son Ryan wanted to BE a Rainbow Loom for Halloween and we figured out how to do it.  You can see the rest of my family's Halloween and few more Rainbow Loom photos here.

Step 1: Measure and Plan

Picture of Measure and Plan
rainbow loom stats.jpg
Take careful measurements of the loom, and the person who will be wearing the costume to calculate proportionate measurements.  Use the height to determine a "multiplier" between the loom height and the wearer's height.  Our loom measures 10 inches long.  We wanted the costume to be roughly 36 inches for Ryan so we used a multiplier of 3.6.

pikagirl88409 months ago
really cool l LOVE loom bands
Halhal261 year ago
Love it
wow that's soooooooooooooooo cool!!! I will so totally try this!!!
bella12161 year ago
Ha ha hilarious! Great likeness!
That is hilarious! What an awesome, awesome idea :D