Picture of BEAUTIFUL  lovely note for u  for me  for her for him  for everybody
-do u own a lovely note, guys?
- yes
mostly yes, but do u have a so so so lovely note by yourself.

go go go ! let's make a unique one for ourselves.
Cointreau3 years ago
Very lovely, but the pictures are not all that clear - could you perhaps separate them and make them a bit larger so that they are easier to follow? Some written instructions would help too. I'd love to make one of these little lovelies!
shoppingagent (author)  Cointreau3 years ago
like you said, really much well. but it's a pity that this picture is copied, I dont make it. I also want to make one ,if I made it , I will upload the picture and the instructions .
That is an adorable little book!
shoppingagent (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
yeah! so I share it with u . hope u can like it too.