M.C. Langer was an ordinary DIY artist until a bizarre accident (papercut printing an instructable) crippled him physically and mentally. Now, he had to rebuild his damaged body with dead computers pieces for the only target in his twisted mind: REVENGE AGAINST INSTRUCTABLES.COM!!

(What?? It was a big papercut. And It hurt so much. And the instructable was the Bacon Cheesecake Brownies recipe. I'm barely alive...)

If you want to join me in this insane quest, you will need your own cyborg attachments, so I will teach you how to make props of a mechanical arm (the clamp can be activated by spring action or motorized action, I will show both possibilities), a face plate (the eye lights) and the battle vest (the chest plate lights too).

And the best part? The props are made 90% of dead computers pieces. You will find here plastic cases of almost any kind of computer parts or accessories related with computers, PC and MAC. (Curiously, the only thing you will not find here is a mouse).

Well my minions, ready to take over the world?



Step 1: A Lot of Useful and Important Blablabla Before Starting...

If you want to make a desk toy for your mom, your old computer is OK. But, if you want to build a big bad bionic armor, you will need all the computer pieces you can get. And you can find the good stuff and these places:

1. Junkyards
2. Computers technical service sites
3. Trash cans, specially when they are located in front of computers technical service sites and computers stores.

Exactly, what are we looking for? Everything computer related: printers, keyboards, CPUs, screens (and, specially, screens bases), joysticks, speakers, scanners... everything!!

Try to always have an important amount of raw material (plastic junk, computer pieces, damaged toys) in your workshop. It will save you of travel for all de city looking for materials.

Starting every step, I will tell you what materials are equired for the prop. But remember: loose engineering. It's improbable you can make an identical prop, because you'll find different pieces than mine. For the same reason, I can't tell you exactly where to drill and put screws and nuts (and you will have to put a lot). So, use your creativity!

For the moment, you will need this:

- A lot of computer pieces
- A lot of screws, nuts and metallic rings
- iron angles
- Instant glue
- tin soldering
- wire
- electric screwdiver

- rotary tool (VERY IMPORTANT!!)
- soldering iron
- tweezers
- screwdivers (if they are electric, better!)
- pliers
- heat gun

Along this project, you will need to do these actions:

- Disassemble printers, speakers, scanners and everything assembled.
- Drill and join plastic pieces using screws, nuts, metallic rings and angles.
- Cut, drill, burnish and work the plastic pieces using the rotary tool.
- Cut the spare parts of screws.
- Mold, bend and melt the plastic using the heat gun.
- Tear down plastic pieces using the pliers.
- Stick foamy or another padded material at those prop sites in contact with your body.
- Solder wires.
- Use the instant glue to fix the nuts on the screws, specially in the screws than acts as axis.


1. Always use personal protective equipment (goggles, dust mask, gloves and others), specially when you use rotary tools.
2. Work in an area with good ventilation
3. The things warmed by a heat gun or worked with a rotary tool could be very hot. Be careful when manipulate!
4. Getting computer pieces, don't dig deeply in public trash cans (only use the shallow pieces), and be careful when you dig in a junkyard. Use protective gloves. Don't use pieces found with hospitalary waste or in contact with another biological or chemical source of risk.

Well, as the great Tallahassee says, TIME TO NUT UP, OR SHUT UP!

<p>Try to make a fallout power suit that would be cooler.</p>
En los a&ntilde;os 80s habr&iacute;as arrasado en Hollywood :D heheh!
Gracias! :-)
I don't know if I'll get the money to make agent stuff
I'm being you cyborg for Halloween
Cool!!!! I want to see what you make!
We compost and recycle I like recycling plus i have the rare thing that I do instructibles and am in Canada
Couse wile i was makeing it i mean that's not the worse part then wile I was making it onto when I lost my arm I was making it on the website when suddenly a instructibe robot came out of nowhere and eletecuted me I kinda had bad teachers that did not teach me words well.
This is how I became a cyborg I was making a instructible about how to make a horse get tame and be by your side but then his face and arm and body got bitten of and HE had to make a copy of m.c laners cyborg suit then he rebuilt his body and he is on only one thing on his mind GET REVENGE ON INSTRUTIBLES.com and become the apretes of m.c laners
Awesome! But why do you want to get revenge on Instructables.com?
That word
I never learned
I think you should add to the cyborg headpiece a built in camera.
I will try for the next time.
Weird me wants to design an ocular 'outplant' that films in IR and projects this IR-lit image onto the eye when it's dark. All it'll need is an infrared TV camera (a cheapie CCD camera should do for the looks), an IR lamp and a tiny visible light B&amp;W projector. I think for the looks that'll do. Or a transparent display that can become opaque when the wearer says so by flicking a switch.
Maybe I should make a thought-controlled powered rollerskate. This will need a lot of Arduino...
Good idea!<br>
The new arm is a better arm for the user, but I think the original motorized arm is cooler looking.
I think I have the same printer! Is it a Desk Jet 623C? How'd you get it apart? Internally all the screws are very small and star shaped.
Well, if I can't extract a screw by the good way, I destroy it!!!
Mario eres el mejor!!!
Gracias Sergio!!!!! :-)
Did you add another piece to the vest, underneath the light?<br>It looks different (from what I can see underneath your shirt) than previous steps.
Yes, I did :-)
Reminds me of the Bad Ass Cyborg from Timesplitters. :D
Thanks Ndauer!!
Wow that is really cool! Nice job!
Thanks Mattrox!!! :-)
No problem, love the way you're take junk and make it into something so cool! Guess the saying &quot;One man's trash is another man's treasure!&quot; has true meaning. <br>Keep up the recycling! :) Hehehe <br>Mattrox
:-) Thanks Mattrox!! I will!
http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat440272a&amp;prodId=prod1060069<br><br>Kinda look like the one on the left, Awesome!
Thanks!!!!! :-)
Dude, ur AWESOME.<br> Win Guy
Thanks Win Guy!!!
awsome <br>
That is totally kewel. I want one.
Thanks ClayOgre!!! :-)
That looks so heavy....
And it is!!
i have to say.. this is amazing! if i may though, one suggestion. as a mad cyborg.. your metal looks to monotone and clean. if you want to give it more depth, dilute black acrylic paint water and floor wax. this will cause the paint to only flow into the recesses of the metal. but my god this is too cool. great job on the arms
Thanks!!! :-) And great advice!!!!
haha the computer monitor on the back said dell :D cant wait to see an apple robot XD
how is this in the cheap costume area?!!<br>
Because is made of trash and scrap.
WOW this is epic! The claw arm is incredible and all the old parts used are so awesome!
Thank you very much, Prixprix!!!! :-)<br><br>I love your Gadget Pics!!!

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