Now i will show you how to make best thing ever with this module :D

- Arduino uno
- RC522 RFID Module
- Tags or smart card for module
- Relay Module (you can always build own with led, 5v relay, resistor, transistor and diode)
- Jumper wires

You will also need RFID Library (DHT Library, I2C LCD Library)

Watch demonstration video first.

In future i will add lcd with dht11 sensor and rtc.

I want to said thanks to omersiar for his great projects rfid door lock.

Step 1: Upload Code to Arduino Uno.

Upload code to arduino using arduino ide. You can always edit code and set time for simulating button press. I set it to 800 ms. You can also change standbypin and relay pin. I recommend to dont change ss and rst pins for rfid.

Step 2: Install Hardware!

First you need to find place for rfid module, relay and arduino. I did that under my 3rd cd rom. See pictures.

Step 3: Use and Show It to Your Friends :D

NOTE: you need to set master card first. so you need 2 cards. when you power it up first time, read card you dont want to use and then read it agin to enter program mode and now read card that you want to use and then agin read master card to exit program mode. Just watch omersiar tutorial. Thanks for reading.

<p>Nicely done.</p><p>I think you don't need to use Relay actually, most motherboards' front panel pins use either 5v or 3.3v and an Arduino can handle both voltages. Test it if it works and you can free your relay for other projects.</p>
<p>this is only prototype. i will use transistor in smd pckg and custom pcb etc. no you cant just put 5 or 3.3v because that is signal line for mcu on motherboard and on my is about 2.37v</p>
<p>Actually you just need to ground that signal in most situations.</p>
<p>This is a wonderful idea! I would have never thought about this before! </p>
Fair enough :)
<p>Why don't you disable the power button and program a second FOB to turn it off?</p>
<p>Because i dont use it always. its nice to show to friends but when i dont have card nearby i use buttom. and same card turns it off</p>
<p>i just dont need separate card to turn on off</p>
<p>Works very good!. You can easily modify the code to adapt it to your needs. I did not use all the led cycling code nor the relays but I am going to add RTC and RF transmission. Mine its a prototype so far, but I will improve it. Thanks!!! (Sorry I translated some parts of the messaging)</p>
<p>Very nice :D i added led just to know what is happening if i dont have access to serial monitor :D Nice idea for rtc and rf :D Good job</p>
At the top you said that their is a video. I am not finding it... Is it because I'm on Android?
Video is mine. You can see it via pc. I embedded video with photos.
Thank You!

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