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Introduction: BEST DIY Simple Reflex Sight

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All you need is a CD case, and you get a perfect circular aiming dot :)
Have fun making!

Step 1: Tools and Material

All you need is:

- small saw

- glue

- dremel tool (a hot nail can poke a hole in that too)

- old CD case (maybe 2)

- 3V button cell

- LED (blue LEDs run on 3V, so no other parts needed!)

- pair of pliers or something 90°angled to bend the main part, plus lighter

Step 2: Step by Step Video


1. Print and cut out the template (cardboard will work best, paper is too thin)

2. Place it on the clear CD cover, and grab a marker

3. Works best with a small saw: Cutting it out

4. Mark a stripe of 4cm in the center

5. Use a pair of pliers and a lighter to bend it by 90° on each side

6. Cut out 2 L-shaped edges (from another clear CD case lid)

7. Glue them onto the first part.

8. Make the 4 cm wide, 9 cm long centerplate (same clear plastic) and glue it on the L-pieces

9. Grab the black disc-holding part cut out a piece as shown in the video and glue it to the rear

10. Make 2 side plates, and glue them on

11. Glue in a tiny L-plate to make sure, the battery is held in place, same for the LED

12. Glue on a stripe of the clear stuff to cover the LED and battery

13. Time for paint, tape off the exit hole and rear section...then cover it in black, 2-3 layers.

14. Glue in the display and done :)

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Well its the last one you get from me dude....because you seem you dont even understand what I am trying to tell you. Nevermind. Its physics, physics is not for everyone.
Beside says SIMPLE, how can you expect a high end sight? Spend more time MAKING stuff instead of talking about other peoples stuff...another argument you cant beat. Have fun making.

Nice job, but what you have made there is a toy, or a prop, it lacks the actual function of a reflex sight, which is parallax correction.

Time spent discussing vs MAKING is well spent if it stops you wasting time making something which doesn't work. It's like "measure twice, cut once". says SIMPLE. You are not a maker, so make a better one, same simple material...then you can give it to me :p Or is it jealousy? Because you cant be serious.

I'm not knocking your making, I just don't think a reflex sight CAN be made simply. There's a difference between SIMPLE and NON FUNCTIONAL.

I don't have any ibles up, but trust me I am a maker, I'm mostly done on a cheap, simple to make, 'Hog Saddle' gun clamp. I may make that into an ible if it turns out well. I also recently made a robotic target setup controlled with an arduino, this one: excuse the video, but you'll get the idea.

Reflex sight can be rather simple, google "telrad reflex sight". It does not use curved glass but regular lens, mirror and flat glass. I bet anybody can make this at home.

Yup. this is cool. And physics IS for me. I hope to be as creative one day.

What's the measurement on the template

Mine was around 35-40mm wide...print it and enlarge. Or enlarge and then print :p

please can you send me the plans by email please i cant dowload it

email :

All you need is the Video.