Picture of BFX: How to Make a Fake Brain
Hey guys!

So we know that you all love zombies, and maybe some of you even watched how to get the most realistic looking zombie makeup. Now we're going to teach you have to build a fake brain. Yeah, it not that hard, but it does take some time and creativity. If you have an idea of your own, send us your videos!

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Shopping list

1. Two loaves of cheap white bread.
(The softer the better. You might get away with one, but at $2 a loaf get a back-up.)

2. A big bottle of school glue or wood glue.
(I ended up using both, they are very similar)

3. A bunch of old newspaper.

4. Some masking tape.
(Duct tape would be too slippery on the back.)

5. A cheap paint brush or two.
(These are going to get filled with glue, so get the cheapest ones you can find.)

6. Some "brain colored" paint.
(I grabbed a tube of arylic "flesh" and "red" from my roommates paint set...FREE...until he finds out)

Step 1: The Base

Picture of The Base
Ok, so you don't want to build a fake brain completely out of bread. It takes way too much bread and doesn't work, believe me I tried it. So we need a cheap and simple base that we can apply our cool looking bread brains to. Start making a ball of wadded up newspaper, using the masking tape to keep it tight as you go. I made one big ball, then a smaller one and taped those together. Just keep adding tape and paper until you get the basic oblong shape of a brain.
Sol5013 years ago
i think its wrong to waste food...
mahdifargai4 years ago
Flour and water make a pretty strong glue. I met you could make an edible version with that as glue, and food coloring instead of paint. Then your zombie could eat the brains!
Nice instructable! Go indymogul!!!!! You rock!!!!!
pipotoy20047 years ago
I once created a brain decoration on my friend's cake and he really liked it.
codongolev7 years ago
if you wanted to, you could just make a kind of structure out of expanding foam.
maker127 years ago
i know how to make it work! just add a PIC!!!!! he he he
Pyrowuzzup8 years ago
very nice. maybe you could use the bread brain to make a mold for a jello brain? that way you could eat it.
that would be sweet for a halloween party.
bowmaster7 years ago
I made a jello Brain and ate it!!!!!
brains are actually a very light creamy color, untill they sit for a few days....then their a light gray. trust me, my grandpa hunted alot, and I've seen deer brain.
aside from that small error, thsi is very cool.
about the last part with the ..brain....ball, i have have a one used just for brainball. its by nickolodean
trebuchet038 years ago
I'm diggin the video with the shorter intros, transitions etc. :)
CarpetGnome8 years ago
I love it, BRAIIINSSSSSSS.... I would try a starch-based glue, like flour and water, with egg whites... just a teensy bit more edible, brains should be good for eating. ;)
zupHC8 years ago
very, very, very well done! zupHC
second, also you can eat the first two you can't eat the bread one.